Thursday, March 5, 2020

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Lady Beast offer up first taste of their upcoming album out on  Reaper Metal Productions,  on April 3rd called 'The Vulture's Amulet'. Check it out below for some great nwobhm inspired old-school metal fury!

Lady Beast: https://reapermetalproductions.bandca...
Follow REAPER METAL PRODUCTIONS: http://reapermetalproductions.bandcam...
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The release date of the of the new album "World In Chains“ by the German Heavy Metal Band BLIZZEN on CD via PURE USTEEL RECORDS is April 17th, 2020. 

Since their debut EP "Time Machine" from 2015, the Hessian guys from BLIZZEN have built a reputation in the European underground as one of the leading representatives of the "New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal" and already played at well-known festivals such as Harder Than Steel 2014 or Metal Assault 2016, where they succeeded to get the crowd on their side. Four years after the High Roller release "Genesis Reversed", "World In Chains" is the second album and we are proud to welcome the quartet to Pure Steel Records now. From sing along numbers such as the opener "Gates Of Hell" to Speed breakers like "Forged With Evil" and the final "Forsaken Soul" to the hymnal title track and "Serial Killer", BLIZZEN once again offer a full dose of Old School heavy metal with melodic to screeching "high pitched" vocals. Recorded was the album by Markus Nöthen at the Airstream Studios in Koblenz, Evil Invaders guitarist Max Maxheim was also included in the mix. Spandex fans, Cauldron/Enforcer advocates and people, who are not completely averse to NWoBHM, should immediately add the new album to their shopping list.

1. Intro
2. Gates Of Hell
3. Forged With Evil
4. Gravity Remains
5. World In Chains
6. Serial Killer
7. Paradise Awaits
8. Lust
9. Forsaken Soul
Total Playing Time: 34:06 min

Stecki – vocals, bass
Marvin Kiefer – guitars, vocals
Andi Heindl – guitars
Gereon Nicolay – drums

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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The black metal outfit THOKKIAN VORTEX has recently announced the signing with the Dutch extreme metal label Non Serviam Records and today reveals new details about the new opus.“Thy Throne is Mine” was released on February 28th, 2020.

The inspiring artwork has been created by the artist Moonroot.

Orders are now available here:!/Thokkian-Vortex-Thy-Throne-Is-Mine/p/163470124 

Mastermind Lord Kaiaphas states: “Thy Throne is Mine is simply the best Black Metal that I’m capable of creating thus far. As a whole, it’s an album with songs that are catchy and memorable. I didn’t want to make an album with every song sounding the same. For the lyrics of Banishing the Lion of Kutha I created a story based on Sumerian and Akkadian mythology. This song has a warlike feeling.”

Musically, Thokkian Vortex is Nordic style black metal as it was played in the 90’s by bands such as MAYHEMEMPERORDARK FUNERALLIMBONIC ARTSATYRICON, etc.
Fronted by Lord Kaiaphas, the former vocalist of Norwegian black metal act, ANCIENT, the band features also guitarist Sabnock, bassist Sil, and drummer Asmodevs Draco Dvx (AZRATH 11NAER MATARONKURGAALLANCIENTMELECHESH, etc.) in the ranks.


Thokkian Vortex is a Black Metal band fronted by Lord Kaiaphas, the former vocalist for the Norwegian black metal band, Ancient (95-98).
The band features guitarist Sabnock, bassist Sil, & drummer Asmodevs Draco Dvx (Azrath-11Naer MataronKurgaallAncientMelechesh, etc.).
Lord Kaiaphas has played in Black Metal bands since 1992, but his role had always been mainly as a drummer, vocalist, and lyricist.
Over the years Kaiaphas has acquired the skills of a producer/audio engineer and has built a professional home recording studio, thus, enabling him to have full control over all music composition and production. Therefore, Thokkian Vortex is the first true Black Metal
project from Lord Kaiaphas.
Without compromises, Lord Kaiaphas is able to present his pure vision of Black Metal art.
Musically, Thokkian Vortex is Nordic style Black Metal as it was played in the 90s by bands such as MayhemEmperorDark FuneralLimbonic ArtSatyricon etc.
Thokkian Vortex is thematically inspired by all aspects of the occult and the black arts – from medieval Satanism and witchcraft to nagualism and odinism.
The definition of Thokkian Vortex is a crack or wormhole through which one’s astral body is sucked into a parallel dimension of unknown darkness.
Thokkian Vortex follows the traditional aesthetics of Black Metal, incorporating corpse paint, spikes, bullet belts, leather, blood, & ritualistic props in their live shows.
Lord Kaiaphas delivers a dramatic and expressive performance, captivating the audience as he did with Ancient in the 90s.
The debut album from Thokkian Vortex, “Into The Nagual” was released at the end of January 2016 by Unexploded records (Sweden).
A highly listenable album comprising many different styles, timbres, a variety of rhythms from blast beats to D-beats, shredding guitar solos, Kaiaphas’s signature vocal styling, atmospheric synthesizers, orchestral sections, and a solid production.
During this period the project consisted of guitarist Zed Destructive (Winterhorde) and bassist, Vitan. The album also featured guest musicians such as Lord Ahriman (Dark Funeral) and Scorpios (Crimson Moon) among others.
The video for the track, Huginn and Muninn in the Realms of Mist, was released in April 2018. This black & white video is a visual masterpiece surrealistically portraying the mood of the song. Russian filmmaker, Mark Inberg, who will continue to work with the band in future videos, directed the video.
Victoria Costa did the postproduction of the video.
In 2019 Thokkian Vortex completed the recordings for their second album, Thy Throne is Mine. The album has a more raw and Black n' Roll approach than Into the Nagual, although some symphonic elements are still present. The album features shredding guitar solos by
Marcelo Vasco, a.k.a. Mantus (Patria, Mysteriis, Le Chant Noir) from Marcelo Vascoarts.
Thy Throne is Mine” was released by Non Serviam Records in February.
The album was released on CD and on all digital platforms.

More info:

Monday, March 2, 2020

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I can not believe I have never come across this band before, an ungodly whirldwhind of death/thrash forged in the fires of hell, evil incarnate, at least in musical form that is. Anyhow be sure to check it out and give it a spin! NECROWRETCH’S THE ONES FROM HELL came out February 14th on (Season of Mist) The riffs and sinsister vibe, just look at the cover, that is what exactly is contained within............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Raider is releasing their full-length album “Guardian of The Fire” on March 20, 2020. The eight-track LP is a rush of E-standard mayhem, thrash overtones, and blackened vocals. For fans of Exmortus, Annihilator, Skeletonwitch, Deicide, Carcass.

Comparing it to the 2018 EP “Urge To Kill”, RAIDER has this to say:

“We brought back a lot of familiar elements but added so much more. ‘Guardian of The Fire’ is more diverse, more aggressive, and is frankly just going to hit way harder. We’re stoked to see what our fans and future fans think of these new tunes!”

The band set out with a goal of making this record to be an absolute assault from beginning to end.

Track by track explanation by the band:
1. Bound By No Fate: This song is meant to be a barrage from beginning to end. It's about forging your own path in spite of all the overwhelming evidence that your path is chosen for you. 
2. No Sign of The Dawn: A groovy thrash attack about the cost of taking our world for granted. It's a reflection on getting human priorities straight.
3. Endless Vengeance: This song pummels you with fast assaults and slow, pounding valleys. A story of the never-ending will to avenge and restore the balance between the betrayer and the betrayed. 
4. Guardian of The Fire: At the heart of this album is the principle of keeping the truth alive and settling for nothing less. Musically this song is a winding journey that grooves, stanks and has a heavy-hitting chorus.
5. Infernal Justice: This song is kind of like a helix DNA strand: one twisting curve is an old school riff, the other is dark and almost black metal in character. With great power comes great responsibility and humanity wields great power. This song is about using that power for justice instead of evil. 6. Ravenous Hydra: Previously we said that this record revolves around the theme of overcoming, and the story of Hercules versus the Hydra is one that stood out and we wanted to write about. Sometimes it feels like when we conquer one hardship, two take its place. In spite of this, it's important to keep moving forward. Musically, hydra is a reflection of battle - the chorus is the relentless head diving in to devour you, and the verses provide a small respite until the final head is claimed.
7. Offering of Souls: Part one of two - this and our final song go hand in hand. Every mythos on Earth and from beyond has their respective lore of both creator... and destroyer. This is definitely one of our grooviest songs with a pounding bassline that really gets your blood pumping.
8. Destroyer: Part two of two - it is only fitting that the final Destroyer be placed at the book end of the record. We wanted to put a voice to the archetype of the destroyer god and tell that story. We frame it in a riff that is both thrashy and rampaging that culminates in a hard-hitting and definitive chorus.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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CRUACHAN are back with a new album to celebrate their 25th anniversary: "Nine Years Of Blood" will be released on 27th April 2018 via Trollzorn!

The eighth full-length of these pioneers of the Folk Metal genre, which was produced
 by Michael Richards at Trackmix Studios /Dublinshows the band in top form and offers 12 varied hymns, all of which emanate unspoiled, pure, ancient warrior spirit.

Thundering Heavy Metal, stormy Black Metal attacks and superbly dosed Folk insertions lift the performance of the charismatic Irishmen to melodic, solemn and awe-inspiring heights!

A first track entitled "The Harp, The Lion, The Dragon and The Sword"  can be heard below....

01. I am Tuan
02. Hugh O’Neill – Earl of Tyrone
03. Blood and Victory
04. Queen of War
05. The Battle of the Yellow Ford
06. Cath na Brioscaí
07. The Harp, The Lion, The Dragon and The Sword
08. An Ale Before Battle
09. Nine Years of Blood
10. The Siege of  Kinsale
11. Flight of the Earls
12. Back Home in Derry 

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SOLSTICE: "White Horse Hill" (6. april / Invictus Prod. & Iron Bonehead)

Each song a hymn, each riff full of pure passion: England’s Epic/Doom Metal masters SOLSTICE ensure magic moments! Finally, the full-length successor to “New Dark Age” (1998) is here: "White Horse Hill"! It was recorded at Vibrations Studios, Huddersfield and mixed & produced by Richard Whittaker at FX Studios, London.
the making of...


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Lyric video lifted of the upcoming Graveyard Ep

GRAVEYARD - "Back To The Mausoleum" (EP)
Label: War Anthem Records
Release date: 27.04.2018
Distribution: Soulfood (GER, AT, Benelux, Spain, Italy), Season Of Mist (France), Code7 (UK), Non Stop (CH)