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One of the best bands to emerge from the depth's of the underground in recents years. Their 2016 debut 'Mork Profeti', album was one of this writers best picks of the year and I am glad to finally get the chance to interview them!

How did the band come together, did you know each other before or have you come to know each other since forming? 

For a start it is  our  not first project, All the band members had  a good experience in other bands .With the rhythm ,solo guitarist and  Hungary drummer Donets Stepan we had a joint symphonic prohresive  death  metal project CrystalNight  i was played in a keybords in this project .

According to the Encyclopedia Metallum the band formed in 2015 that means you created your debut album in one year, which is astounding when listening to the album because its a very accomplished piece of work, not only in the riffs and musicianship but also in the dynamics and structures, it usually takes bands two or three albums to reach the heights accomplished on Mork Profeti. How long did you spend working on the songs.

Óes band was formed in 2015 but honestly we not spend for album full year. we recording it much more faster . we spend more time for searching where releasing it .we spend nearly 3 month for recording this album .As I said before our team has a lot experity in other music project that's why we dont need  much time  for doing that . 

3 What did the writing process look like, did you rehearse a lot before entering the studio? 

In our team all thing going really quick . Cuz each member took his part of the work on material . for example all musician part was made by our solo guitars player Max . All lyrics by out ryhtm guitar player Leo . thast why we dont spend much time on the conflicts of ideas .

Did you use any material from any privious bands or has it all been written since forming the band? 

Almost all materials was wrote special for this project . Totally fresh new vision . Except the song Lade Evil it's cover on our old music project for the memory , cuz it's was first our project  in wich we was gethered up in frist time .

What is the meaning behind the title of the album and what subject matter do you deal with in the lyrics?

shortly said, it's a set of the propheties with warning to possibilities of the ends of the world .

What is the scene like in your home country are their any other great bands that we should know about? 
I think so the most great  band in Ukraine it's  Lucifugum and Nokturnal Mortum .

If you had to describe your bands sound using only your influeneces which bands would you use to describe your sound? 

Hard to said . Perhaps it's the mean difference between as an the other bands .Coz At that moment, as all try to adhere to what standards, the old-school sound. We are all trying to find our unique sound. What would be our different. I think we are on the right way .

What is next on the agenda for the  band ?

working of new album.Take part in concerts . festivals. And planing a tours

If there is one thing you would like to achieve with the band what is it?

I guess like every bands of the world , with trying to make a good music , We want  Fame, recognition))


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