Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Uttertomb's "Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist" includes 5 re-recorded songs from their 2012 EP "Necrocentrism" and one new song that closes the concept of the whole release, however clocking in at over 34 minutes it feels like an album and a complete and fully realized one at that. The EP starts off with the sound of rain falling as feedback creates a foreboding mood until the first plodding drum beat is played as the guitars crush down. This is all an introduction before the album truly gets started in the shape of first track proper 'Ascension Ritual' which starts off fast enough in an early Swedish Death Metal way with those buzzsaw guitars where you feel the distortion will rot your speakers such is the foul sounding stench. The song being the first of three long songs progresses into a slow dirge not quite unlike early Incantation and develops into a crushing and painfully heavy number. Next up 'Choking Casket' starts of slow before picking up the pace to become a monster, there is also a great solo on this track as there are many throughout the EP. So vile is this EP that it could have been released during the early nineties. The band's strength comes from their sense of dynamics. Each song changes pace and develops upon an initial burst of heaviness to become a lesson in extreme heaviness. Probably the most important aspect is the band know that brutality does not necessarily equate to heaviness and the incorporation of slow riffs and dirge sections adds a level of heaviness that you do not always get with straight non-stop blastbeasts. The production is thankfully old school and organic sounding. Could be a contender for one of the Death Metal releases of the year. Well worth checking out for serious underground Death Metal fans.


Rating system:
0 - complete garbage
1 - not worth your time
2 - go listen to some old school metal albums and see how it's done
3 - bad
4 - mediocre
5 - not essential
6 - decent
7 - good
8 - metalheads the world over will be banging their heads to this
9 - essential

10 - masterpiece


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