Monday, May 22, 2017

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It is clearly apparent even from the first listen that this album is a well crafted gem of undergroud metal proving as I have said, time and time again that the underground is alive and well. All you need to do is to dig deep. So metalheads get your shovel out and unearth some Skeletal. The bands classic old scool approach to death metal with tasteful use of tremelo picked riffage gives the album a feeling of epicness. Riffs fly by at a thrashing pace. From the offset 'Dreadful Life', spews forth a heavy dose of convincing brutallity. Opening track  Death Works Overtime”, says it all with its foot firmly planted in the death thrash scene which was prevalent towards the late 80's and early 90's as death metal took its hold over the metal underground. The band however do keep the dynamics in check with the introduction of a short instrumental ''Life and Dread'', which works to highten the punch and impact of ''Downward Spiral', as it rears it ugly infested head. By the time closing track ''Return to the Grave'', shows up the band have already executed a materclass in how to do this style right.

Rating system:

0 - complete garbage
1 - not worth your time
2 - go listen to some old school metal albums and see how it's done
3 - bad
4 - mediocre
5 - not essential
6 - decent
7 - good
8 - metalheads the world over will be banging their heads to this
9 - essential
10 - masterpiece


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