Friday, May 19, 2017

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Just a view days after their special appearance at Acherontic Arts Festival irish Doom Metal act DREAD SOVEREIGN unleash a video clip of the song "Spines Of Saturn"!

inger/bassist Alan Averill: "Spines of Saturn is a strange trip……partly inspired by a DMT trip that took me through space to Saturn to gaze upon DNA strands hidden in the rings partly inspired by a trip to Chernobyl
and the decaying and dead school rooms filled with the drawings, dials and test machines of the old Soviet space programme. The quest for knowledge of the cosmos crippled by a massive
nuclear disaster that nearly wiped out much of Western Europe and the fall of communism. Somehow it all made sense to tie them together and here we are…..Spines came together
the day before recording FOR DOOM THE BELL TOLLS…..and marries the spirit of Hawkwind with maybe what we could call some form of ‘space rock’?……and hey you can dance to it
too……take the trip"
The video also contains footage I/Nemtheanga shot at Chernobyl!…..made by the eminent Costin Chioreanu


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