Friday, May 26, 2017

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The new album of the Italian Occult Doom/Heavy Metal Band MALAMORTE „Satan Goes To Heaven To Destroy The Kingdom Of God" is now available in our webshop. Safe 1 Euro during the pre-order time. The official releasedate of the album is the 9th of June 2017.

Occult Doom/Heavy Metal from Italy, 2017 Album, PREORDER, Releasedate: 9th June 2017
1. Intro
2. Thorn in the flesh
3. Waiting for the end of Christianity
4. Unholy Cult
5. Satan goes to heaven to destroy the kingdom of god
6. Intramezzo
7. Blasphemies for the Horned God
8. Ode to Damnation
9. Aut Satan aut Nihil
10. Outro


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