Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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We released a protion trailer for the upcoming album "Decibel Casualties". The pre-oder phaste starts on 26th May 2017. The new album will official released on 9th June 2017 via PURE STEEL RECORDS.
The two Metal titans Dave Overkill (v/g) and Matt Flammalbe (d) from the Ohio legend DESTRUCTOR have returned with sharpened steel! After the 2016 release, "Back in Bondage", now the brand new album is ready!!
Via Pure Steel Records this year the flaming inferno "Decibel Casualties" will come and you have many reasons to be extremely excited about waiting for it. High Speed and energy like in their early twenties is the one and only basis for the guys. Nick Annihilator (g) and Tim Hammer (b) joined the legends and you can be sure that DESTRUCTOR sound more fresh than ever before.
In 2017 DESTRUCTORs "Decibel casualties" will bring the fire of true old school metal they have kept burning for more than 30 years! HEAVY METAL FOR LIFE, HEAVY METAL TIL DEATH!
Dave Overkill – vocals, guitars
Tim Hammer – bass
Matt Flammable – drums
Nick Annihilator – guitars

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