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The release date of the album „Valley Of Shadows" by the Irish Heavy/Power Band CONJURING FATE on CD is June 9th, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on May 26th, 2017 in our webshop.
After their much anticipated EP "House on Haunted Hill" from 2014, CONJURING FATE strike again with their album "Valley of Shadows". Eleven tracks of power and heavy metal that will make the metal heart of all head bangers beat faster! Anyone who doesn't twitch a neck muscle after the menacing intro should seek medical attention!
The heavy metal band from Northern Ireland offers once again a powerful mix of Iron Maiden, Diamond Head and Helloween on their first full length album and will continue the direction already pointed out on their EP - with a little difference: The songs are more sophisticated, got more hooks and the crystal clear production offers the listener every detail of the multi-faceted songs.
The music video for the song Dr. Frankenstein has been around on youtube a few months now.  It was directed by Irish award winning director/film maker George Clarke of Yellow fever productions. The video was filmed between the walls of the Kirkpatrick Bros Mill, which was a filming location for the hit tv show, The Frankenstein Chronicles. The song offers a good impression of the overall sound of CONJURING FATE, which carries a great old school feeling!  Check it out.

1. Our Darkest Days
2. Marching Dead
3. Dr. Frankenstein
4. Land Of The Damned
5. Chasing Shadows
6. A Primal Desire
7. Trust No One
8. Apocalypse
9. House On Haunted Hill (Bonustrack)
10. Mirror Mirror (Bonustrack)
11. Backwoods Witch (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time: 58:27 min

Tommy Daly – vocals
Phil Horner – guitars
Karl Gibson – guitars
Steve Legear – bass
Bogdan Walczak – drums

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