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Any review of this album won't fail to mention, the legacy of  death metal legend Kam Lee, the man who was part of Mantas, you know that pre-Death band who released the demo 'Death by Metal', which sent shockwaves through the underground the effect of which is still felt today. The very same man who went on to join Massacre and later continued his life in extreme metal with Denial Fiend. Kam Lee was also one of the most important pioneers of  the now established and infamous death metal vocal style, helping to take metal vocals to the extreme and then some. Now here we have the debut album form Akatharta which means unclean spirit and comes form the Greek translation of the bible. Akatharta play what at its core could be described as Funeral Doom / Drone. The band along with Lee consists of members from Death Grind band Cropsy Maniac, with Aaron Whitsell taking care of guitar and bass duties and Travis Ruvo handling drum duties. Think Skepticism and Thergothon, and you are close to the sound of "Spiritus Immundus", Latin for Spirit of Impurity which ties in with the bands name. However that would only just scratch the surface to the depths of ghastly and otherworldly terror that this album draws from. Something altogether eerie has been captured here. The very fact that the album features actual EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured from all across the globe, gives an overall vibe that is unsettling in its unnerving creepiness. The albums plodding riffs are sprawling in their scope with a sense of foreboding, that of lost and aimlessly wondering spirits. To feel this album and to really understand its genius you have to listen to this in one sitting, preferably alone in the darkness, late at night. When I did this and really let the album carry me away, I can tell you here and now the effect was not one of comfort but of being dragged unwillingly away to an abysmal void, An album that will leave a haunting mark upon the underground!

Out June 23rd via Pulverised Records!

Rating system:

0 - complete garbage
1 - not worth your time
2 - go listen to some old school metal albums and see how it's done
3 - bad
4 - mediocre
5 - not essential
6 - decent
7 - good
8 - metalheads the world over will be banging their heads to this
9 - essential
10 - masterpiece


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