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With the intention to play classic era heavy and speed metal, Steelballs was founded in 2013 at Campana city in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Juan Herrera, Paolo Rossi and Juan Pablo Churruarín. Due to unstable formations, the band added Lucas Galarza (guitar) and Nicolas Gimenez (drums) in the lineup. After a few shows, the members decided to stop for some time because of their personal projects (Zrymgoll, AfterDreams, Del Pantano and Tempestor).

Almost a year without any activities, the band opted to get together and execute everything seriously. This time Mario Viggiani replaced the bassist Paolo (as he was not having enough time). With this new lineup, the band released their self-titled EP (containing three tracks) as limited edition CDR from NMT Productions in August, 2016.

Witches Brew is giving it the silver CD treatment it deserves with a six-panel booklet and an exclusive bonus track that’s sure to please classic HELLOWEEN fans. The vintage sounded EP will take you back to the glory days of early Helloween, Blind Guardian, Riot, Grave Digger, Rage, Agent Steel, Manowar, Accept, Running Wild and the likes. Ball crushing high pitched vocal deliveries, melodic riffs and blazing guitar solos, catchy (at the same time audible) bass lines and drumming totally justify the band’s following statement:

“We are returning to the roots without stagnating in time!”

Track - List:

1. Steelballs
2. Farewell
3. Inquisitor of Faith
4. Starlight (Helloween Cover)



Vocals: Juan Pablo Churruarín
Guitar: Lucas Galarza
Guitar: Juan Manuel Herrera
Bass: Mario Federíco Viggiani
Drums: Nicolás Giménez

SteelBalls - Inquisitor of Faith (2016)
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