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Skeletal Reamains keeping the death metal legacy alive and carrying the brutal flame on!
The band formed in 2011 and have released two full lenghts along with the demo. There has been a clear and audible growth between each release. The biggest progression could be seen between the debut 'Beyond the Flesh' and your sophmore album 'Condemed to Misery' how much of this was intentional?

After we released 'Beyond The Flesh' we did our first tour in Europe which was awesome. On that tour we played a new song (at the time which is now called Euphoric Bloodfeast) as an instrumental. We played that song to kind of introduce what we had at the time. When we left home we already had about half of Condemned to Misery already written. So nothing was really intentional. We were just continuing from where we left off from Beyond The Flesh. And The progression between the 2 albums are greatly distinct. You can hear it a lot when comparing the drums and our riffs.

Do you parctice a lot as a group in order to achieve that kind of tightness or does it come from solid touring?

We practice all together as much as possible while we're home. Getting a few good solid practices throughout the week is what we try to achieve while being off the road. Practicing individually as well when we can is another thing we all try to do. With our lives being so busy with work and family it gets a little difficult to have some alone practice. And of course the touring helps a lot too. We watch the live footage and see what needs to be tighter and such.
Speaking of the songwriting from a structural and dynamic point of view do you think the band will ever progress so far as say for example Death with when you compare the musicanship on 'Scream Bloody Gore' to that on later day albums like 'Symbolic'?

There is always room for progression when writing songs with the other members. You know Death did have some lineup changes between those years of 'Scream Bloody Gore' and 'Symbolic' with guitarist and drummers. Right now the only thing different is our drummer. All other members are original and we would like to have our current lineup the way it is right now for as long as possible.

Is it important to the band to progress and add new elements or will you stay true to the death metal template?

We will keep it true for as long as we shall live. But alongside that we will also show that we can be creative by keeping the same elements we have been using whilst mixing it up with new ideas. People like the style we are playing and so do we. So we will keep doing what we do.

When I listen to the band three albums come to mind, first of all Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore', secondly Obituary's 'Cause of Death' and finally Demolition Hammer's 'Tortured Existence', to what extent are you influeneced by these bands and particular albums?

We are heavily influenced by all three bands. Demolition Hammers Epidemic of Violence is definitely one of our favorites and was heavily Influenced. Deaths Leprosy and Spiritual Healing was another one that we were greatly influenced from. And Obituary's cause of death and Slowly We Rot were great albums that are still influencing us till this day.

Your sound is a very classic sound although in no way does it sound dated more like an old friend you haven't heard from in a while. The production is warm which suits the brutal style you sound almost like a modern Morrisound production. How important is the production side to you and how do you record your material in this digital age?
Not important at all actually as long as it sounds good we are ok with it we don't sit there and not release something because it doesn't have an old school production
As long as it sounds nice and heavy we are happy.

'Condemed to Misery' came out in 2015 and these ears are certainly hungry for more, are you working on anything at the moment?

We do have new material but unfortunately we had a drum change again during the process of making it. With our last drummer Joe we did finish writing the album but we had to let him go. We currently have a new drummer and we recently recorded a 4 song demo with him. So right now we are starting up on learning all the songs we have finished so we can move forward into the studio and get this album done. Which we plan on releasing this year.

What can we expect from the new material?
The new stuff is heavy, fast and brutal. Much like the last two albums we kept the same old school sound to have that old school feel. But we feel pretty confident that this album will keep our fans more interested with the creativity we put into this new stuff.

How do you compose the songs is it more of a group effort or a case of working alone and then bringing what you have to the table to be dissected by the others?

We all usually are together when we write music because we believe as a band it is a group effort and that group effort keeps us going. During our practices we will sit there and write whatever kind of comes to mind. I sometimes will write stuff at home and bring it to the studio for other guys to listen to and its then we choose what riffs would go good with the current song we are working on. And what riffs we can leave out.

Chris Monroy Vocals and quitar also plays guitar for thrashers Fueled by Fire, does this in anyway conflict with being in Skeletal Remains, do you contribute to the writing of each band, if so how do you decide which riffs to use for each band?
Well usually when I was writing music for fbf I knew what riffs would fit with what band and I had different mind sets when writing music for each band at the moment my main attention and focus is on SR. Fbf is not really doing much we are on a sort of break at the moment so it doesn't really conflict with each other.
Why death metal?

Because its aggressive brutal and we can be as heavy as we want or we can play fast as we want. With death metal there's no in between for us.

Now as usual I'd like to ask you the all important questions regarding riffs.

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