Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Germany's Metal law have been on the go ploughing away for ten years now and are three albums and one Ep into a career that would put most other bigger bands to shame, what I am getting at is their devotion and passion to their craft. Metal Law play a pure form of metal in the Priest and Maiden style with heavy use of twin guitars and classic metal anthems, all the while adding a healthy dose of metal pride in the form of Manowar. Now there are metalheads who are posers and there are metalheads who are lifers. For the lifers it is our religon and is a part of who we are, inseparable from our very being. Metal Law are lifers. Now that is not to say that if you do not like Metal Law that you are not a lifer. Manowar are not for all metalheads but they are for me. The last full lenght from Metal law was back in 2008 when they released "Lawbreaker" which was one of my top albums of that year so anticipation for this release was high and when the promo came I stuck it on with glee. Does it dissapoint, to these ears the answer is a resounding no. I could writea  lenghty review but not much has changed only the playing has improved ten fold and everthing had got tighter. the album can be summed up in the opening cut "Masquerade" which is not only a metal anthem but a call to arms. When you spend your life working a nine to five job that you hate, you long for that moment when you can put on some metal and suddenly everthing makes sense and your life has meaning. Metal gives you strenght to push through whatever live throws at you. Metal law are a band that speak to your metal heart. If you don't like this song then move on to something else but if you like it then support the band, go and see a gig, buy a piece of merch or better yet pick up the album from Metal On Metal Records. 

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