Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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I guess I am a bit late with this one, being released back in 2015 on Go Fuck Yourself productions and like many great releases in the underground scene falling under the rader only to be picked up by a few loyal fans to the cause who know a good band when they hear one. Right from the moment the rolling beat of the drums kick in so begins the classic 80's metal sound of simple but yet effective riffs in a nwobhm vain with an emphasis on songs over unnessary wanker,y however that is not to say that they can't play because they can. The production and sound is warm and organic and you can hear the bass which is always good in classic metal and did I mention the drums sound like drums. The version I have is the vinyl which is well done all round. Final track of the three "Rites of the Night" gets a special mention for the keyboard intro which shows how when used effectively keyboards can indeed enhance metal. This is the sound of a band playing for real, no gimmicks and no trickery. Check out the whole Ep below on Soundcloud.


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