Sunday, January 8, 2017

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Iniquity or as they are now known as Sons of Iniquity from Greece released this demo in 2016 but it has only found its way to my ears now but since it did it has grabbed their full attention. I have been spinning this daily for the past week or so.
It is not a perfect demo by any accounts but a debut demo it is nontheless which showcases the band playing in fine form good old heavy metal, yeah that's right no sub-genre just heavy metal. This has the vibe of a lot of nwobhm bands and in particular a lot of those classic releases which never made it to a larger audience. I hope Sons of Iniquity do not face the same faith because their is something special here which given the time and the right conditions could develop into a monster. Check out the full demo below which has already sold out so for the meantime bancamp is your only option.


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