Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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After running this page and webzine for fours years now it's time to get more serious by going even deeper underground and focusing more on the current state of metal, the new blood so to speak. I will stop posting older more established bands and instead focus on the new blood. From time to time I will throw in an obscure gem for good measure. As I always said the future of metal lies in the underground. 2016 saw the release of so many great debut demos from bands playing old school heavy metal of all genres and it's time to shed the light on them. So if your a poser who comes here looking for the flavour of the month or more bigger bands then f.o.a.d. For those who stay I promise to bring you the best sounds from the true metal underground. Only heavy, nwobhm, thrash, death, doom, black, power and speed metal will do. Bands send us your demos and let us know you are out there.


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