Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Something is certainly in the water in Norway because judging by the sheer quality of a lot of young bands springing up playing 80's thrash metal of the obscure, blackend and down rigth filthy kind, the scene is definitly one to keep an eye and ear on.
Conflagration and of course Deathhammer to mention but two and now Evoke who have two demos to there name released in 2016. This being the second is the first that I have heard and in fact is a mere rehersal demo which only adds to it's charm. The sound is rapid, raw as fuck and in your face. No bullshit no flab just out of the gate and in for the kill metal.  Of the four tracks " Deadly Revenge" is the most dynamic and has a fantastic intro which brings to mind early Sodom and their classic "In the Sign of Evil Ep". They also throw in an old school Sepultura cover in "Septic Schizo" and I guess this demo is how Sepultura would have sounded if they did one or two more albums in the classic "Morbid Visions" style. The tape has already sold out being Limited to only 100 copies with the European Edition coming out on Rush of Power Records and the American edition on Muerto en la Cruz 50 copies each both with alternative artwork , the digital version however can be found on bandcamp. Check 'em out! 



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