Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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Devil doom metal outfit from Norway have revealed the artwork for there new album set for release in mid 2017 and set to be one of the albums to watch for this year!
1. To the Gallows
2. Trenches
3. Dead Body Arise
4. Regulators
5. Reapers shadow
6. Peasants and Pitchforks
7. Jumping off the Edge of Time
8. David and Goliath
9. Cemetary Still

Here is a rough mix of one of the track...........the band themselves have said,"As you might or might not know, we're in the final stages of making our new album TO THE GALLOWS. However, it will probably still be another six months in the works due to pressing time and stuff, so we feel like giving you a little heads up on what's coming. This is a rough mix of Regulators, one of 11 recorded songs for the album. This one is guaranteed to be on the album, and we'll see how many we end up with at the end. For those of you that are western movie fans, the term regulators might ring a bell. So will the video. It's not all that, but it sure as hell beat those retarded lyric videos.
Spread it if you like it, shut it if you don't. We are the outlaws, baby"!

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