Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Norway's Conflagration have not released anything since their debut demo 'Morbid Dissonances' back in 2011 however that's not to say that the two band members have not been active within the metal world quite to the contrary they have been active in other bands. In particular Sadomancer who not only plays in his main band Deathhammer but also in Black Viper and has played live with various others, oh and did I mention he was in Black Magic. His partner in crime here Rawhead Aleks also plays with Tortue Tactics. On to this Ep of three tracks which is what can only be described as a middle ground between death and thrash with a necro overtone.Let's just called  it Necrodeathrash for argument sake.  "Murder Lust' is a great opener which slowly announces its arrival and not long after starts the assault. The greatest asspect of the Ep is the cool sound achieved by the guitars, they are just raw and brutal. The second track ' Cursed Earth' is almost like what early Slayer would have sound like if they were filtered through a black metal funnel. Everthing about this is pure old school class, now here's hoping it's not another six years before they release something else.

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