Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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On the verge of greatness is the reoccurring feeling I get from Soijl on the this their debut album. A doom death album that emits a melancholy aura of endless magnitude but yet somehow seems to be searching for the perfect accumilation of sorrow and emotion. Doom death at its best is a genre of metal which cuts to the core and goes straight to heart speaking directly to the soul and this is what "Endless Elysian Fields" sets out to do. When it comes to doom death there are basically two camps. There are those who rely more on the death apect and those who rely more on the doom, however I prefer those who go for the middle ground and strike a perfect balance between the two, just like Soijl do here. As a reference point I am going to use the peaceville trinty of death doom namely Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost who all went on to achieve greatness but started from more humble beginnings as do Soijl. If you compare those bands debut efforts with this then you can put Soijl's debut into perspective .Each of the aforementioned bands debuts while showing promise did in no way show what those bands would eventually go on to achieve. And that is exactly the case with Soijl that although this album is promising and wholly satisfying it also feels that this is the calm before the strom. Soijl will in no doubt go on to release even greater material as soon as the storm builds. "Endless Elysian Fields" in no doubt to find a welcome palce in the collection of all those who hold doom death close to their metallic hearts.



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