Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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A devastating cataclysmic collision of  old-school death metal played with just the right amount of technicallity. The album is intense in its execution, with attention to detail and song craft to back it all up. Although the band bring nothing new to the table per say they do however deliver on a grand scale a classic death metal album. The production is fantastic and enhances the performaces as every single note is heard and no detail is lost. Whoever produced the album did a great job in not making it overly compressed or digital in sound which is the death knell, please excuse the pun of modern death metal. A very organic sounding album. The guitars deliver hard-charging, chugging riffs over blast beats interspersced by deep swirling riff-work to devastating effect, I dare say I hear a distinct grind infleunce on some of the more faster parts of the album where the band let loose. The band play a style of death metal which has been tried and tested but they do it in such away that it is not forced and with a sense of dynamics which lifts this release well above the line where others have failed.



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