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Sectasys hailing from Venezuela have been on the go for the past ten years honing their craft and building momentum leading up to this year;s triumph that is "Brotherhood of Chaos", we sat down with Lord Alastor to talk about the album, here is what transpired.

The bands celebrated its tenth year in existence this year having formed back in 2006 and what better way to commerorate the event than with a new album "Brotherhood of Chaos? Have you thought much about this aspect that you have been together ten years?

Lord Alastor: We have had ups and downs like any band of metal and that has helped us to mature in terms of compositions, music, lyrics and as musicians has given us strength to remain faithful to our style to our essence and continue to do what we like is the Black/Death Metal and we wanted to capture all of that evolution and experience in this new album that fills us with pride and has been one of our best work that we hope we There will be more gates at the international level.

This new album sees some changes in the lineup with new vocalist UrukHai who has a very demonic and possessed voice which is one of the best aspects of the new album your new drummer Njörth also comes across quite forceful nd powerful, it seems they are already making their mark. What was the reason for the change?

Lord Alastor: The reason for the change is that the previous members of the band decided to take different paths in their personal lives their and future, which led me to my start the search for new members who have the same vision of expanding the dark world-wide leaving in evidence the decline of the Christian religion and the exterminate that they have caused him to the world.

How much did UrukHai and Njörth contribute to the songwriting?

Lord Alastor: Urukhai contributed to give life to the creatures of the underworld so possessed by the gods of chaos sing great hymns of the disc and reveal the secrets most dark of the Christian lineage.
For its part Njorth I contribute in the rhythm and speed of its powerful infernal battery and kick off the cries of war chants of hatred and revenge.

Who or what is the brotherhood of chaos?

Lord Alastor: The brotherhood of chaos are the deities of death Hades, Negal, and Kali, who got the secrets of their armies and decided to form an Alliance to demonstrate his power through the war to destroy the great whore of revelation who deceived mankind to enrich his empire and keep it for decades, which gives start to a great Christian devastation.

I have to ask about the exceptional artwork who did it for you and what is the concept behind it?

Lord Alastor: The creator of the art of our album was the Venezuelan artist Jonh Quevedo Jassen, an excellent artist who knew how to mold the concept he wanted for the album mixing darkness the anti-Christianity and domination of the world by the deities of death which shows that the Christian lineage must be eradicated and give to beginning the era and the new order of the hermanda of chaos.

What do the band's lyrics deal with?

Lord Alastor The lyrics are based on dark, mythology, Antichristianism, and occult literature.

Who is the female vocailst you used to great effect throughout the album?

Lord Alastor: The Venezuelan singer Wendy Gúzman is a great friend of the band, with expended voice that since I heard her singing always wanted to participate or collaborate in one of our songs the opportunity presented and she accepted to help us with your wonderful voice.

What can you tell us about the metal scene over in Venezuela, do you feel a bound with the other bands?

Lord Alastor: The scene of Metal in Venezuela is very impaired due to political and social problems which passes through our country already there have been festivals that are not made by the economic factor and how complicated life in our country lack of support and interest from the public is a negative factor produced by the Government factor. This has led to the talents of many musicians and bands moving to other countries of the continent which for many has been difficult however is done begin again to reach the goal and represent our country with dignity.

What about touring for the album will we get a chance to see you over in Europe this time around?

Lord Alastor: If we are given the opportunity to travel to Europe to play there and expand our music to the ends of the underworld would be wonderful always are the order of any offer that we propogan and opportunities.
Thank you for the interview we hope that our fans to continue enjoying our music and hope to see you at our concerts a greeting to all thanks for the support and that darkness guided them along the path of truth.


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