Monday, December 12, 2016

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Sectasys are a band who celebrate their tenth year in existence and this is probably the first time you have heard about them which is  a shame if "Brotherhood of Chaos" is anyhting to go by. The album is an extreme fair of pummeling drums demonic and evil vocals coming across as a combination of Attila of Mayem and Tormentor fame and Abbath of Immortal, I and Abbath fame. The music itself creates a world of chaos and the artwork captures it all, not many bands put enough thought in artwork these days which is shame, back in the day a good album cover was always a deciding factor when it came to buying new albums and discovering new bands, the imagery can be compelling. The use of female vocals throughtout can only be described as eerie and haunting and are used to great effect, the album has a monumental feeling throughout as if the band are creating their vision of chaos. The more time I spend with this album the more I discover and begin to hear its genius. Check out the lyric video for "The Goddes of Death(Kali) below or go straight to their bandcamp page and stream the whole thing.


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