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Sectasys, the band of Blackened Death Metal is founded in the year 2006 by Lord Alastor in the city of the Teques Miranda Venezuela. Sectasys is a Fusion of two words the first that is sect and the second Sys which means "system of sects". Compositions is reflected in the influences of those genres as the Black Metal and Death Metal. The lyrics are based on the Antichristianism, mythology, occultism, Satanism and dark literature. First demo recorded in the 2007 at Doppler Studio with a set of 3 songs, of way self-financing and is launched the 19 of April of the same year. Then have some various festivals. In 2008 recorded first EP entitled Weapon Skin (released in 2012). In 2011 played on one stage with Colombo/North American INQUISITION. Also participated in many concerts and compilations. Finally, in 2015-2016 band recorded new album "Brotherhood Of Chaos".

Urukhai - Vocals
Lord Alastor - Guitars, Bass
Njorth - Drums

01. Chaos Signal (Intro)
02. I Am The Dark God
03. Sacrilege Of Christian Souls
04. Destroyers Of Humanity
05. Brotherhood Of Chaos
06. Renaissance Of Evil & Chaos
07. Emissaries Of Death
08. Garden Of Blood
09. Masters Of War
10. Sectasys
11. The Goddess Of Death (Kali)
12. Arma Skin [bonus track]
 Length - 58:56

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Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:
Catalog number:
SAT156 | ER005
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