Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Out today in the world of metal,
01. Forward March...
02. ...Panzer Hooray!
03. Lead From Ahead
04. Dam Busters
05. Flattened Horizons (Pounding Howitzers)
06. No Rest, No Sleep, No Peace
07. Incursion
08. Not a Single Step Back
09. Embrace the Afterglow
Scalpture from Bielefeld, Germany was founded in 2009 with the intention to play nothing less than Death Metal. According to Bolt Thrower or Hail of Bullets the most fitting theme for Death Metal is war. And war is what is preached! Not a band with its own imagination of a whole new genre. Scalpture is  marching onwards on the familiar road being backed by older and newer bands like Asphyx, Dismember, Entrails, Weak Aside...
After some relocations they started playing live in 2014. Their 4 track EP Border Crossing followed in April ‘15. Now in 2016 their first full length album PANZERDOKTRIN is about to be released!
Tank riding, artillery firing, infantry storming, moral bombing, border crossing Death Metal. 

 Label:  Final Gate Records
 Release Date:  December 1st, 2016
 Genre:  Death Metal
 Country:  Germany
 Running Time:  34 min
Jannik - Bass
Max - Drums
Felix - Guitars    
Thorsten - Vocals
Tobias - Guitars



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