Monday, December 5, 2016

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It seem greatness comes quick to some as the black flame burns bright on this debut album from Ukraine's Nordwitch who after only forming last year present their debut offering in all its dark glory. Having not released any demos but rarther going for the grand debut offering to present themselves upon the metal scene at large and making their bid for the throne. It was a good decision not to release any demos, judging by the sheer quality of the music on offer here, there is little doubt that they are seasoned musicians who know their craft and have a very clear vision of what they are doing. The album boasts eight songs which is perfect for a metal album, think of all those classic albums in your collection, part of their greatness was quaility over quantity and Nordwitch know this all to well and good because not a single note is wasted on this album, everything has its place and nothing is their for the sake of it which pissess me off nowadays when albums are packed full of songs half of which are throwaway, take the new Metallica album as a case in point. It seems the underground knows where it's at. Starting with a short intro "Mork Profeti" which sets the mood with its ominious and slow picked chords with quitar harmonies layered on top which creates an epic build up leading into the first track proper "Dominion" which kicks in with some go for the throat black thrash and the guttural vocals of female vocalist Masha which in this day and age has become something of a cliche perhaps because I feel Arch Enemy used it over time as a gimmick and rarther than she just happened to be a singer in the band, but the case here could not be futher from the truth as this is simply about the music and the fact that Masha can growl better than most somethimes reminding me of those deep and guttural growls of Chris Barnes form his Cannibal Corpse days. The songs are very dynamic with a lot of great parts incorporated and the lead work is phenoninal and really enhances the music and expresses a lot of emotion which is sometimes missing in extreme music. "Lady Evil" shows how extreme metal can break out of the underground into the mainstream of metal simply by writing great songs. "To the Nord Gods" is an epic homeage and is grandiose in its execution. The album mixes every form of extreme metal, there is a bit of death, thrash and a healthy dose of black atmosphere but you get the sense in the songwriting department that the band listen to a lot of classic metal bands. If the band can build and develop upon this momentous debut then they will become one of the most talked about extreme metal bands of recents times. It is hard to even find any flaws as there really are none. One of the albums of the year and the best newcomers on the scene for 2016, the underground is alive and strong and Nordwitch are the proof.


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