Monday, December 26, 2016

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"’XIV’ promises to be an album that maintains the irrefutable originality of VULCANO, as well as providing the fans with the singular soundness that the band has always held since its beginnings, but far from nostalgia. This production abandons the low tunings used in the last two albums returning to the truly original timbres in which guitars sounds like guitars and drums as drums. The cover has the format ‘Digipack’ with a very simple design, as should be all packaging that accommodates a jewel or a relic. It has only enough information that interests the listener to lyrics that have the same importance as music. The theme covered in this album is the one-sided covenant of a God to his chosen people where faithfulness and faith are angrily kept with curses, destruction, blood sacrifices and cruel punishments, a vengeful and cruel God reigning through fear. Also some songs, the theme permeates the ecstasy of the soul of a true ‘headbanger’ with its intrinsic nature in the exaltation to Metal, pure and honest."- Complete Zhema Rodero (guitarist and founder of the band).

01 – Propaganda and Terror
02 – Thunder Metal
03 – The Tides of Melted Metal
04 – Necrophagy
05 – Behind The Curtains
06 – Thou Shalt Not Kill
07 – Paradise On Holocaust
08 – The Face Of The Abyss
09 – To Kill Or Die I’m Back Again


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