Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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Co-release Satanath Records with Abstruse Eerie Radiance: new collaboration album "Unholy Ghost Liturgy" of psychedelic black metal/ambient bands Abigorum (Russia) and Cryostasium (USA) out on September 29th!

Unholy Ghost Liturgy - collaboration album of Russian ambient/black/doom metal project Abigorum with American black metal/ambient formation Cryostasium. Every song composed together by musicians, bringing something new into his own, something similar and at the same time different, creative. The long-awaited album, which was announced back in 2014, finally come to light! Monster on the background of the mysterious matter imprinted on the cover (made by Mosa Eye), can be very useful passes overall psychedelic atmosphere of a mysterious and unsolved space - the result of the symbiosis of two minds. Collaboration's length time is about 70 minutes, which is enough for a full immersion in the abyss of the unknown and frightening world that Abigorum and Cryostasium created on this CD, and may actually existing...

Abigorum - Aleksey Korolyov (everything)
Cryostasium - Cody Maillet (everything)

01. Monsoon Release
02. Unholy Ghosts
03. Liturgia
04. Forgotten Lines
05. Last Galaxy
06. Negative Soul
07. Frozen Perspectives
08. Spruce And Cedarwood
09. Systematic Apocalypse
10. Monsoon Dreams
11. Essential Death
12. Santalum
13. Realization Of Regress
14. Reflexes Program
15. The Quiet Room
16. Infinite Colonization
17. Mysore's Cocoon
18. Bioengineering Collapse
19. None (CME cover)
20. Outro
 Length - 69:27

 Available for pre-order!
 Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:
Catalog number:
SAT160 | AER015


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