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Balance Interruption - Experimental Black Metal band from Kiev (Ukraine). Founded in 2005. Have in discography: Formula (EP) 2006, Nuclear War for Rescue (CD) 2007, Deserts of Ashes (EP) 2009, Era II: Deserts of Ashes (CD) 2011, Morbid Soul Shelter (EP) 2015. New album "Door 218" - a portal, the threshold between the dark worlds of consciousness, the border of illusions... Those who crosses that line, chooses the path of satanic self-destruction, with no way back...

NK-47 - vocals, guitars, keys
Lucifer - vocals, bass
Kim - drums

01. Last Sunset Without Sun
02. Door 218
03. Not Survived To The Sentencing
04. D.U.S.T
05. Suicidealer
06. Incubatum Conveyor
07. Morbid Soul Shelter
08. Hypnotik Eye Kvlt Terror
 Length - 39:00

Available for pre-order!
Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:
Catalog number:
SAT159 | AER014
 Official sites:
Электронная почта / Band e-mail:


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