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Legendary US Power Thrashers HEXX have inked a new two album record deal with Germany’s High Roller Records. The band is currently working on twelve new songs with producer Bart Gabriel (CRYSTAL VIPER, BURNING STARR, MYTHRA), who also produced band's latest single "Tyrants Of Steel" (split with RUTHLESS). The new album will showcase the band's return to their roots, and the style they are known for from their early classic albums "Under The Spell" and "No Escape". The album will be entitled "Wrath Of The Reaper", and has been scheduled for the release in the Spring/Summer of 2017.

HEXX, led by founding member and guitarist Dan Watson, features amazing new vocalist Eddy Vega and Bob Wright (from BROCAS HELM) on second guitar. The lineup is completed by Mike Horn (who joined HEXX in 2013) on bass guitar, and John Shaffer (who played in HEXX between 1986 and 1995, and returned in 2014) on drums.

In addition to releasing the "Tyrants Of Steel" single, in 2016 HEXX also reissued their early albums "Under The Spell" and "No Escape" in the form of a 30th Anniversary 2CD/DVD box set via Metal Blade Records, and the 1991 technical epic "Morbid Reality" via Dark Symphonies Records.

HEXX, originally formed in 1983 (previously known as PARADOX) is acknowledged as one of the most original Metal acts to hail from the 1980’s San Francisco Bay Area Metal scene which also is home to METALLICA, EXODUS, POSSESSED and DEATH ANGEL.

More information: and

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This time for In the Riff We Trust we sit down with the legendary Rick Scythe of Usurper and Scythe fame for the all important questions regarding the almighty riff. Any underground and serious metal fan will know of or at the very least have heard of  Usurper and their undeniable legacy and the fact that they have recently reformed much to the joy of the underground is testament to their longevity and to the sheer quality of their output so now we have not only one band but two bands featuring the distinctive guitar work of Rick.


RS: Opening riff of "Unchained" by Van Halen

RS: Scorpions "The Zoo"

RS: I lump heavy rock and metal into the same category when talking simply of killer riffage. 1. Eddie Van Halen 2. Ted Nugent 3. Jeff Hanneman WHO IS THE MASTER OF THE RIFF? RS: I consider true "Riff Masters" as those who are more concerned with heavy handed, rythem playing rather than simply those who play to show off how much theory they know. Those who play from the heart and not from a rule book. Those who master the strength, endurance and nuances of the right hand. Those who can carry a song through the power of their rhythem guitar riffs... These are the Masters of the Riff!
RS: Opening riff of "I am Usurper" [Usurper]. THE RIFF YOU WISH YOU WROTE IS?
RS: Opening riff of "March of the SOD" THE WORST METAL RIFF EVER IS? RS: I try not to listen to lame music. Perhaps something like: Nickleback, Limp Bizkit or any shit bands that rely on crutches such as ultra low downtuning, predictable formulas or cut-and-paste Pro Tool editing to achieve a monster riff section. You can use low-tuning, classic formulas and modern technology, but the riff has to come from the discipline of a precicion right hand and fingers of fury.

RIFF FOR RIFF YOUR FIVE FAVOURITE ALBUMS ARE? RS: These aren't necessarily my favorite albums of all time, but as far as albums with killer riffage from beginning to end, I would list the following as being KICK ASS! Van Halen: "Women and Children First" (Listen to opening riff of "Loss of Control" if you need any evidence). Mercyful Fate: "Don't Break the Oath" (Ranging from classic metal, to creepy, to melodic harmonies, to almost dance music, Denner and Sherman create a mood that can not be matched on this album) Asphyx: "The Rack" (The guitar tone and chugging riffs kick my ass every time!) SOD: Speak English or Die (Some of the most fun, heavy-handed, basic riffs can be found this album) Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return (Simply massive tone, combined with craftsmanship of "the riffs" helped make this one of the heaviest releases of all time). A NON METALHEAD ASKS YOU WHAT DOES METAL SOUND LIKE, THE RIFF YOU PLAY THEM IS? RS: "Wheels of Fire", Manowar

THE RIFF YOU WANT PLAYED AT YOUR FUNERAL IS? RS: Usurper "The Dead of Winter", opening 12 string riffs.

RS: A great riff is everything to me. It is the cornerstone of a great metal/hard rock song. Sometimes I heard bands with flashy lead parts and then the riff underneath sounds namby-pamby and weak, which does nothing for me. I need a killer riff as the foundation of a song or everything else is just fluff. The sound of a chugging, molten metal riff through massive distortion kicks my ass every time.

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"SORTILEGE - the best French Metal had to offer. Timeless classics!" - this quote from a Deaf Forever magazine journalist, Michael Kohsiek, pretty much sums up the status of Sortilege. The French Metal cult act formed in 1981, released their debut same titled EP in 1983, and the amazing debut album entitled "Metamorphose" one year later. Both releases quickly gained cult status, and are known nowadays as some of the the most important - if not the most important - Heavy Metal releases from France.
In the first months of 2017, No Remorse Records will reissue both masterpieces. The same titled EP, which will hit the streets on January 30, 2017, will be extended to a size of a regular album, as it will include four bonus tracks, taken from the band's demo tape from 1982. The reissue will be available as a CD and limited edition LP. Two weeks later, on February 13, the "Metamorphose" album will be released as a double CD, with the original version of the album and the previously unreleased first mix version on Disc 1, and the rare English version of the album (originally released as "Metamorphosis") on Disc 2. The double LP version will include the original version of the album, as well as the previously unreleased first mix. Both the "Sortilege" EP and the "Metamorphose" album will be also available as a strictly limited box set editions, incl.: the CD, exclusive vinyl LP (different color than the regular edition, available in the boxset only), t-shirt, poster and a patch. Both reissues have been remastered by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, SATAN'S HOST, CRYSTAL VIPER) and got special “old school and dynamic” treatment. 

More information:
Boxset and LP pre-orders:

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"’XIV’ promises to be an album that maintains the irrefutable originality of VULCANO, as well as providing the fans with the singular soundness that the band has always held since its beginnings, but far from nostalgia. This production abandons the low tunings used in the last two albums returning to the truly original timbres in which guitars sounds like guitars and drums as drums. The cover has the format ‘Digipack’ with a very simple design, as should be all packaging that accommodates a jewel or a relic. It has only enough information that interests the listener to lyrics that have the same importance as music. The theme covered in this album is the one-sided covenant of a God to his chosen people where faithfulness and faith are angrily kept with curses, destruction, blood sacrifices and cruel punishments, a vengeful and cruel God reigning through fear. Also some songs, the theme permeates the ecstasy of the soul of a true ‘headbanger’ with its intrinsic nature in the exaltation to Metal, pure and honest."- Complete Zhema Rodero (guitarist and founder of the band).

01 – Propaganda and Terror
02 – Thunder Metal
03 – The Tides of Melted Metal
04 – Necrophagy
05 – Behind The Curtains
06 – Thou Shalt Not Kill
07 – Paradise On Holocaust
08 – The Face Of The Abyss
09 – To Kill Or Die I’m Back Again

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Chateaux, the UK NWOBHM three piece, for the first time have their back catalogue available for download. Platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and others now have the releases which consist of their only 7" single, Young Blood/ Fight To The Last (1982), and the band's three albums. All from the now Legendary NWOBHM label, Ebony Records from Hull and now made available by Metal Nation Records ran by original Tygers Of Pan Tang vocalist and Ex Neat Records owner, Jess Cox.
Titles available are the bands 1983 debut Chained And Desperate which featured Grim Reaper's Steve Grimmet on vocals. The other two titles are Firepower (1984) and Highly Strung (1985). All feature main man Tim Broughton on guitar 
The catalogue has also simultaneously been released on cd by No Remorse Records in Greece and Classic Metal Records in Brazil.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Sectasys hailing from Venezuela have been on the go for the past ten years honing their craft and building momentum leading up to this year;s triumph that is "Brotherhood of Chaos", we sat down with Lord Alastor to talk about the album, here is what transpired.

The bands celebrated its tenth year in existence this year having formed back in 2006 and what better way to commerorate the event than with a new album "Brotherhood of Chaos? Have you thought much about this aspect that you have been together ten years?

Lord Alastor: We have had ups and downs like any band of metal and that has helped us to mature in terms of compositions, music, lyrics and as musicians has given us strength to remain faithful to our style to our essence and continue to do what we like is the Black/Death Metal and we wanted to capture all of that evolution and experience in this new album that fills us with pride and has been one of our best work that we hope we There will be more gates at the international level.

This new album sees some changes in the lineup with new vocalist UrukHai who has a very demonic and possessed voice which is one of the best aspects of the new album your new drummer Njörth also comes across quite forceful nd powerful, it seems they are already making their mark. What was the reason for the change?

Lord Alastor: The reason for the change is that the previous members of the band decided to take different paths in their personal lives their and future, which led me to my start the search for new members who have the same vision of expanding the dark world-wide leaving in evidence the decline of the Christian religion and the exterminate that they have caused him to the world.

How much did UrukHai and Njörth contribute to the songwriting?

Lord Alastor: Urukhai contributed to give life to the creatures of the underworld so possessed by the gods of chaos sing great hymns of the disc and reveal the secrets most dark of the Christian lineage.
For its part Njorth I contribute in the rhythm and speed of its powerful infernal battery and kick off the cries of war chants of hatred and revenge.

Who or what is the brotherhood of chaos?

Lord Alastor: The brotherhood of chaos are the deities of death Hades, Negal, and Kali, who got the secrets of their armies and decided to form an Alliance to demonstrate his power through the war to destroy the great whore of revelation who deceived mankind to enrich his empire and keep it for decades, which gives start to a great Christian devastation.

I have to ask about the exceptional artwork who did it for you and what is the concept behind it?

Lord Alastor: The creator of the art of our album was the Venezuelan artist Jonh Quevedo Jassen, an excellent artist who knew how to mold the concept he wanted for the album mixing darkness the anti-Christianity and domination of the world by the deities of death which shows that the Christian lineage must be eradicated and give to beginning the era and the new order of the hermanda of chaos.

What do the band's lyrics deal with?

Lord Alastor The lyrics are based on dark, mythology, Antichristianism, and occult literature.

Who is the female vocailst you used to great effect throughout the album?

Lord Alastor: The Venezuelan singer Wendy Gúzman is a great friend of the band, with expended voice that since I heard her singing always wanted to participate or collaborate in one of our songs the opportunity presented and she accepted to help us with your wonderful voice.

What can you tell us about the metal scene over in Venezuela, do you feel a bound with the other bands?

Lord Alastor: The scene of Metal in Venezuela is very impaired due to political and social problems which passes through our country already there have been festivals that are not made by the economic factor and how complicated life in our country lack of support and interest from the public is a negative factor produced by the Government factor. This has led to the talents of many musicians and bands moving to other countries of the continent which for many has been difficult however is done begin again to reach the goal and represent our country with dignity.

What about touring for the album will we get a chance to see you over in Europe this time around?

Lord Alastor: If we are given the opportunity to travel to Europe to play there and expand our music to the ends of the underworld would be wonderful always are the order of any offer that we propogan and opportunities.
Thank you for the interview we hope that our fans to continue enjoying our music and hope to see you at our concerts a greeting to all thanks for the support and that darkness guided them along the path of truth.

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January 2017 will see the worldwide release of the EP Vengeance of the Slain by FORSAKEN AGE on Metal Hell Records! Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand FORSAKEN AGE is traditional heavy metal for fans of classic acts like MANOWAR, RUNNING WILD, HELLION, DORO…

Formed in 2009 FORSAKEN AGE cast their eye over a scene that was quick to forget the very essence of Heavy Metal and it’s origins. Heavy Metal was fast becoming a memory from a forgotten age. FORSAKEN AGE made the call for all heavy metal warriors to stand together, make their mark and battle to keep true metal alive

FORSAKEN AGE released their debut album “Back From Extinction” in 2012, signaling the band’s intention and desire to honor only the true warriors of steel. This was followed by two New Zealand tours and a tour with Ripper Owens. From there the band went from strength to strength as a live act supporting Nightwish, Korpiklanni, Alestorm and many Australian touring bands. So far having played a number of festivals in New Zealand and Australia including Steel Assassins – True Metal Festival. The road will call again in 2017.

2017 will see the worldwide release of the EP Vengeance of the Slain on Metal Hell Records on CD & Digital formats. True to form the EP is traditional heavy metal - sounding a call to metal warriors everywhere!

Vengeance of the Slain may be streamed for review here:

Forsaken Age artist page and pre-orders:


Interviews are available email to:

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Brazilian black metal entity Carpatus initiated their journey back in late 90s. After a demo release and two full lengths, the band was put on a hiatus in 2010.

The band has resurrected their grim black metal journey in last years and set to release their third full length "Malus Ascendant" via Black Lion Records on digipak format.

The cover art was created by the amazing artist, Marcelo Vasco Arts. The album was mixed and recorded by Marcos Cerutti and Mastered by Swedish legend Dan Swanö.

The band has unveiled two new singles which will take listeners back to the glorious days of Norwegian Second Wave Black Metal. The entire album is hugely influenced by the materials of Satyricon, Darkthrone and the likes.
Carpatus - Aeon Damnation
Watch the Video
Carpatus - Rites of fire and blood
Watch the Video
Carpatus - Malus Ascendant
(Full Length)
GENREBlack Metal
LOCATIONSanto André, São Paulo, Brazil
LABELBlack Lion Records
FORMATCD & Digital

Track - List:
1. Rites of Fire and Blood
2. The Cold Autumn Sunrise
3. Aeon Damnation
4. Flames to Eternity
5. A Missa Funebre
6. From a Dreadful Past
7. Behold the Mourful Nature

Dizruptor - Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Morbus - Drums (Session)

Pre-Order the Album:




CARPATUS- Facebook

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February 2017 will see the release of the bands 10th full length release and their third release on Nuclear Blast Records. “Atonement” is truly a defining moment for IMMOLATION, having some of the most mournful orchestrations the band have dared to delve into, redefining themselves once again and coming out holding the torch high! “Atonement” is hands down the band’s best produced release in their 28 year history. With pinpoint accuracy and violent melodic prowess, and the dark lyrical content touching on the dark realities of humanity and the world we have created, the epic feel and dominating power delivered by “Atonement” is sure to please fans of death/black metal and all extreme music!

Track List:
  1. The Distorting Light
  2. When The Jackals Come
  3. Fostering The Divide
  4. Rise The Heretics
  5. Thrown To the Fire
  6. Destructive Currents
  7. Lower
  8. Atonement
  9. Above All
  10. The Power Of Gods
  11. Epiphany

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For fans of Slayer, Testament, Havok, Kreator, Destruction, Vektor, Megadeth

You may be familiar with Vancouver, BC’s TERRIFIER as the band has been setting their scene ablaze sharing the stage with the likes of Havok, Destruction, Exmortus, Anvil, 3 Inches of blood, Holy Grail, Dismembered, Suffocation, Into Eternity, Striker, Ghost Ship Octaivius, Crowbar, Cauldron, Cryptopsy and Battlecross. The thrashers recently signed to TEST YOUR METAL RECORDSand will be releasing their third recording and second album ‘Weapons of Thrash Destruction’, a nine track mosher set for release on January 20, 2017to follow their 2013 EP ‘Metal or Death’ and 2012 full-length ‘Destroyers of the Faith’.
But before it drops… are ready to electrify and bring the mosh pit alive with the exclusive premiere of their first single ‘Reanimator’.
TERRIFIER vocalist Chase Thibodeau had this to say about the track.
“‘Reanimator’ is the second track we wrote for our up and coming album “Weapons of Thrash Destruction”. It’s based on the classic horror movie Re-animator. The song takes the listener further into our evolving sound to give them a bludgeoning assault from the first note to the last.”
Check out ‘Reaminator’ streaming at the following link:

1. Reanimator (5:24)
2. Deceiver (5:15)
3. Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
4. Violent Reprisal (4:17)
5. Skitzoid Embolism (4:08)
6. Drunk as Fuck (4:12)
7. Bestial Tyranny (6:13)
8. Riders of Doom (1:40)
9. Sect of the Serpent (6:44)
Album Length: 42:23
Upcoming Show Dates:
Jan 22 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre – info w/ Entombed A.D., Full of Hell, Turbid North

For more info, please visit
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A devastating cataclysmic collision of  old-school death metal played with just the right amount of technicallity. The album is intense in its execution, with attention to detail and song craft to back it all up. Although the band bring nothing new to the table per say they do however deliver on a grand scale a classic death metal album. The production is fantastic and enhances the performaces as every single note is heard and no detail is lost. Whoever produced the album did a great job in not making it overly compressed or digital in sound which is the death knell, please excuse the pun of modern death metal. A very organic sounding album. The guitars deliver hard-charging, chugging riffs over blast beats interspersced by deep swirling riff-work to devastating effect, I dare say I hear a distinct grind infleunce on some of the more faster parts of the album where the band let loose. The band play a style of death metal which has been tried and tested but they do it in such away that it is not forced and with a sense of dynamics which lifts this release well above the line where others have failed.
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Finnish winter metal band Wolfheart released a new single in Spotify. Just released single carries the name “Boneyard” and it continues the path of even more aggressive, faster, darker and colder Wolfheart. 
The upcoming Wolfheart album is released 3rd March 2017 via Spinefarm Records and the album carries name 'TYHJYYS' (finnish meaning emptiness). Tyhjyys is the third Wolfheart album released via Spinefarm. Tyhjyys -album is recorded in two finnish high-end studios; Petrax studio (Hollola, Finland) and Deep Noise studios (Kouvola, Finland).

Listen just released single Boneyard in Spotify:
Watch Boneyard in Youtube:

Pre-order the upcoming album:


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Sectasys are a band who celebrate their tenth year in existence and this is probably the first time you have heard about them which is  a shame if "Brotherhood of Chaos" is anyhting to go by. The album is an extreme fair of pummeling drums demonic and evil vocals coming across as a combination of Attila of Mayem and Tormentor fame and Abbath of Immortal, I and Abbath fame. The music itself creates a world of chaos and the artwork captures it all, not many bands put enough thought in artwork these days which is shame, back in the day a good album cover was always a deciding factor when it came to buying new albums and discovering new bands, the imagery can be compelling. The use of female vocals throughtout can only be described as eerie and haunting and are used to great effect, the album has a monumental feeling throughout as if the band are creating their vision of chaos. The more time I spend with this album the more I discover and begin to hear its genius. Check out the lyric video for "The Goddes of Death(Kali) below or go straight to their bandcamp page and stream the whole thing.