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Release Date: 18 November 2016
Genre: Avant-Garde Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Country: Poland

A duo hailing from Poland, Misanthropic Rage are a literal whirlwind of avant-garde black metal. Aptly titled, Gates No Longer Shut is a 40-minute firestorm of frayed logic, feverish frequencies, and ceremonial magick.

With dissonant riffing colliding with spiraling melodies, down-tempo trudges giving way to tornadoes of hypnotic speed, scabrous blackened vocals fighting with clean-toned exhortations, Gates No Longer Shut entrances the listener with a continual, torturously twisting push 'n' pull.Within, Misanthropic Rage embrace the slipstream, weaving cryptic tales across thoroughly seamless songwriting, and yet never losing sight of each song's emotional center.

Similarly, the duo remained grounded firmly within black metal, but caring enough to push its boundaries in a respectable, reverential manner, never getting caught up in trendy "post" this or that, instead nodding to the pioneering days of Moonfog during the late '90s. Indeed, the past is alive with Gates No Longer Shut, and Misanthropic Rage are the future! (Words by Nathan T. Birk)

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