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Heaven and Hell Records continue to bring you awesome re-issues of U.S. metal cult classics, this time, New York’s Lady Killer’s self-titled debut from 1983.
Lady Killer was formed in 1981 in New York, N.Y. with guitarists Joey D’Imperio and Jeff Stewart, vocalist K.K. Burns, bassist Terry Brennan, and drummer Frank Rajki. The group would quickly become a familiar sight on the local New York circuit leading to the release of their self-titled debut in 1983. The following year the group would return to the studio to record their follow that would be shelved and never see a release.

Now 32 years after the ‘Lady Killer’ debut Heaven and Hell Records plan to re-issue this buried U.S. metal classic.

Package will include full-color 12page booklet with full lyrics, never before seen photos, and band history essay.
In edition 5 bonus tracks that were planned to appear on the second album featuring second vocalist Joseph Zetti,  but were shelved for several years until now.

Tracks include:

01. Lightning Strikes Twice 
02. You Got Me Runnin’
03. Outta My Way 
04. Last Chance Tonight 
05. Go Ahead And Laugh 
06. Breaking Away 
07. Another Shot In The Dark 
08. Waste No Time 
09. Lady Killer
10. Seducer *
11. Rock You Hard *
12. Turn iIt Up *
13. Bent Over Backwards *
14. In the Line of Fire *

K. K. Burns : Vocals
Joey D'Imperio : Guitar
Jeff Stewart : Guitar
Frank Rajki : Drums
Terry "Lid" Brennan : Bass


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