Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Lęk who came spewing forth onto the Polish metal scence with their debut demo " The solitary elect of darkness" in 2013 limited to only 100 hand numbered tapes which have long since sold out made quite an impression spreading their own brand of fear, now we have their debut album released by Wolfspell Records and limtited to 1000 copies which thankfully I managed to get my hands on a copy having seen them live over the weekend and I have to say as much as I love the album I really can't wait to see them again in a live setting. On to the music raw as fuck black metal with riff after riff of tremelo distorted darkness which is both sombre and melodic like only black metal can be. The hypnotic nature of the music really takes over your soul for better or worse. The album is somewhere between Immortal's " Pure Holocaust" and early Burzum.. Although raw the album is well produced with all instruments being clearly heard. The lyrics are a standout feature for me because they avoid the tried and often tiresome satanic route but instead offer and individaulistic approach to life and not depending on any external force whether that be a God or Government to guide you through life but rather face up to the harshness of the world and deal with it. Not much can be said about this only it's one of the best black metal debuts the country has seen in recent times.


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