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Almost 31 years since its original release on mega rare vinyl, one of the most widely considered greatest U.S. metal albums of all time, will be officially re-issued on CD, Vinyl & Limited Edition Box Set, with great remastered sound.

GLACIER hail from Portland, Oregon and through the years they have gained a cult status among metal fans and collectors, making their music highly sought after. The reissue of their unique 1985 EP, consists music made by the '83-'85 line-up of the band, covering the period from Tim Proctor joining through the departure of co-founder, Sam Easley. The European version of the album will be available by CULT METAL CLASSICS and for the rest of the world version, by GLACIER Holdings LLC.

The reissue will feature 16-page booklet, with cult photos of the band, biography, lyrics and original hand painted fantasy artwork by the artist David Delamare. The reissue is scheduled for a Fall 2016 release and will be available in all good metal stores.

GLACIER '83-'85 Official are:
Sam Easley: Guitars
Pat Goebel: Guitars
Loren Bates: Drums
Tim Proctor: Bass / Vocals

Additional EP members:
Rex McNew: Vocals ("Vendetta")
Keith Flax: Vocals ("When Heaven's At Hand")
Mike Podrybau: Vocals ("Ready for battle", "Devil in Disguise", "Speak no evil")

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