Sunday, May 29, 2016

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After a short intro "Torment" which brings proceedings to a start, we have the first of two actual songs and when that opening riff to "Beast from the Abyss" hits it send shivers down my spine and I stand in awe of the pure majestic quality as the riff effortlessly  spellbinds you. Before the first riff sinks in the pace picks up and the song shifts showing a great sense of dynamics.  The fact they don't over  play he riff is genius because it leaves you wanting more. I am surprised because I heard the term death metal being thrown around a lot when it came to this ep and while their are death metal influences this leans more to black and epic metal. Imagine if someone told you Dissection was a death metal band and you get what I mean. Epic frost laden riffs. The second track "In the white wolves kingdom" is even more epic in it's granduer and brings to mind Immortal era "At the heart of winter" and Bathory era "Hammerheart" and that's it as the ep ends and soon as it starts. All this without any label support, a professionally produced release all warped up in a well put together digipack with artwork which captures the essence of the band. If I'm honest it's the artwork which drew me to this release in the first place and it proved to live up to my expectations.

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