Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Legendary technical thrash metal band Sacrosanct will finally reissue and remaster all of their groundbreaking and long sought after releases. They are expected to hit sometime this year. Here is what the band have said themsleves regarding the releases.

World´s suffering and is still staying TRAGIC!
SACROSANCT is back on Ascension of Christ to announce that we will Re-Release all SACRO-Recordings.
The plan is ...a release at end of the year 2016.
For this Remasters we will work also on great (Bonus-) stuff like new booklets, liner notes written by our fans, "The Die Is Cast-Demo", 2 unreleased tracks and in addition we will record a new track that will be released as bonus on the Tragic-Remaster!
Also a big thanx from us to YOU, without you we surely would not think about all these planning.
And also to Roel and Iordan from VIC and Stormspell Records who will do this Releases with us exclusively and brought back the ball into the game!!
Furthermore we ensure with this label cooperation (US/Europe) a fair price for everybody!
Have a great time, Stay tuned and TRAGIC!
Collin, Michael and Randy


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