Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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It's hard to believe Infernal War are almost 20 years active and are still going as strong as ever with not a ounce of  their rapid bile filled and unmerciful relentless war having waned. Axiom is the bands latest offering and is set to hit in April so brace yourself  for the inevitable carnage. Considered to be one of the best bands on the scene by those in the know, Infernal War have always been at the forefront of the Polish Black Metal scene since the day they started hammering away at their chosen trade. Unrelenting and verocious in their conviction to their craft. Intense aggression, blastbeats like bullet hail fall as diabolical riffs played with infernal hatred spew forth, this is Axiom in a nutshell. The album is chaotic like being in the maelstrom of a war. For those who have never heard the band a reference point could be somewhere between the barrage of prime Marduk and the punkish tinged black assault of Impaled Nazarene but with that said this is Infernal War and they should be judged in their own right. The focus seems to be on the individual songs and each one makes it's mark as the fallout lays waste to my eardrums. The album has a triumphant sound and is played with unforgiving intent. There is not much to be said only that the album will be sure to satisfy existing fans and pick up up a few more devotess along the way.


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