Sunday, May 29, 2016

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If their early albums were the sound of chaos unleashed from the depths of hell then this album is the sound of chaos harnessed. the music is extreme in approach, sound and lyrical content but at the helm there is clear direction. The album revolves around themes of madness which can be heard in the demented and psychotic laughing towards the end of opening track ''Evil's Mucus'' and continues throughout. Death Metal does not begin to describe this album which runs the gauntlet of extreme metal but their is a heavy Black influence going on even if it doesn't necessarily manifest itself in the riffs themselves the mood of the album is very dark. Take the eerie main riff in ''Funeral March'' which transcends into a great melodic solo which gradually flows into a blastbeat that is nothing short of perfection. The overall effect is like moths being drawn to a flame and mesmerized before death strikes. The musical arrangements this time around show a great development in the band as a unit. Overall the album is the most ominous sounding release from the band so far and they create some truly dark and twisted atmospheres.  Another great extreme metal band spewed forth from hell's festering pit, technical and harsh with an organic sound. Soul devouring Metal.

Progressive death metal with a strong black influence.


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