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How long have the band been together?

The band was formed in 1997. Exactly 18 years ago. This year we have entered the age of majority, heheh. DISLOYAL has never officially suspended its activity, although we had a break from releasing albums and in the concert activity also.

How did the band meet?

In 1995-1997 I was playing in a progressive rock band called ALL FICTION. Unfortunately, the band split-up after the death of our bassist Grzegorz. I wanted to continue playing but the rest of the band had no desire to do it anymore. Then I decided to myself that I will not just sit on my ass and I have to continue playing music. At the end of 1996 I offered two of my friends to form a band. They were Sławek „Szycha” Szuszczewicz i Tomek „Zakamar” Kaczmarczyk. Jurek Dacko joined us a little bit later as a bassist and the first DISLOYAL line-up was completed.

What's the origin of the name?

The name Disloyal and our first logo were invented by Sławek „Szycha” Szuszczewicz. From what I remember our lifestyle at that moment has inspired him to come up with that name, heheh. You know, endless parties, absolutely no responsibility, and so on and so forth. So looking back in time we were really DISLOYAL to some things and some people!!!

What were your influences starting out?

Speaking about musical influences which guided us while creating Disloyal I would certainly name such bands as: Morbid Angel, Death, Vader, Slayer, Sepultura, Carcass, etc. As you can see there are no surprises, just the classic of the genre! This should have led to something good, heheh... like Disloyal.
And in general we were so obsessed with the music that we loved, we just wanted to play, to create, to record, to live and breathe the fucking metal!!!!!!

What inspires the music and lyrics?

Well, the main things that inspire us to compose music and write lyrics (of course here I mean lyrics which were written by band members) are our daily lives, daily problems, ups and downs, our feelings, which in each of us evoke different emotions, watching what is happening in this crazy fucked-up world. Considering all these things we draw the appropriate conclusions and emotions which we can always transfer into the music or lyrics for Disloyal.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

I personally think that in the band’s history there were two biggest challenges that we have faced. The first one was the recording of our demo called „DESIRE” in 1997. These were really tough and crazy times in terms of collecting funds for the recording session and the creation of the music itself. We didn’t really know where to start, what to do, how to prepare for the session, where to get money for it, etc... We had to deal with all these things ourselves and fortunately we succeeded.
The second biggest challenge was to record and finalize, or to obtain the final effect in the form of released CD of our last album called "Godless" (premiere date is on June 9th 2015). It was totally serious and massive venture starting from the creation of the material, its technical learning, mastering, preparation for each of us before entering the studio, absolute devotion and engagement during the recording process, putting all our hearts and souls into it, and till finally taking care of the entire promotional campaign aimed at finding a label, along with the work on all the details with graphic design, artwork, etc., that eventually led to signing a deal with Japanese label GHASTLY MUSIC (a division of AMPUTATED VEIN RECORDS). It's really impossible to find the proper words to describe how much efforts we’ve put into this album. IT WAS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE SO FAR IN THE HISTORY OF DISLOYAL !!!!!

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

First of all, hard work, patience, perseverance, mutual respect between band members, because without that everything will be worthless and full of shit. Well, and the most important thing is to be normal cool simple people, not self inflated buffoons with unrestrained arrogance and egotism. Anyway, life will put everything in its place. That’s it. Everything else must be deserved, heheh. Sad but true.

What do you think about online music sharing?

I think that we have no influence on it, and it’s impossible to change these procedures, this progress. Of course I fully support the opinion that the Internet killed the music and the music business, and has also totally changed the approach and attitude of metal fans to their favorite bands and to what they do. You know the Net has deprived fans of some respect, because now people are not waiting for the release of a new album of a favorite band as it was before, when the music was only available on CD or vinyl (for example in Poland we had no simple access to metal music in general). A fan was waiting for new recordings with flushed face, and was totally excited when listening to music and holding in his hands a long-awaited and hardly accessible new album of SLAYER for example. Now you just enter the web-portal or torrents looking for a new album of any band, and you just click the download button and then add or don’t add this album to the play list on your mp3 player. The magic that you could feel in the times before this Internet invasion has disappeared. Of course it’s really awesome when after listetning to mp3 a person likes the album so much that he/she decides to buy the original CD or vinyl, but such people are very few. Obviously we, as a band also share and sell our music via Internet, because we just have to move with the times and develop. I certainly secretly hope that people will some day come back to listening to music on CDs or vinyls as they used to.  

What is the local scene like in your area?

At the present moment speaking about the local rock/metal scene in my hometown I must say that it just doesn’t exist at all. There were really a lot of bands before, who performed this kind of music but now the local scene is completely dead. But if we speak about the specific region, I mean Warmia-Masuria Province, then it is still going strong when it comes to rock and metal. The scene is still developing and the old and well-known bands are still performing or preparing to return after the break, as it is in the case of for example ATROCIOUS FILTH (a band where Doc from VADER was drumming), who are finishing the recording of a new album. In general, this area is quite well deserved as a part of Polish and international metal scene, because the bands like VADER, DIES IRAE, CHRIST AGONY, MOON, PROPHECY or above-mentioned ATROCIOUS FILTH came out of here. Of course I mentioned only the most famous ones.

What about the Polish Metal scene as a whole, is it in a healthy state?

Regarding the current condition of Polish metal scene it is doing very well and it looks like it will be even better. There are more and more young, very promising and professional bands that are ready to conquer the "world". Old bands with a very well-established position who are already well-known are recording stronger and stronger albums. In overall, Poland is increasingly highly appreciated on the global metal map. The only thing that surprises me a little bit is that sudden momentary boom, admiration and fashion for all kinds of post black metal "productions" on the Polish scene. Definitely not all of them are as good as it is described and some have nothing worth attention except the dark and gloomy cover artwork. But I’m sure that this is only temporary phenomenon and death metal will continue to destroy and devastate everything on its way!!!!!

Who are your all time favourite Polish Metal bands?

DECAPITATED, VADER, BEHEMOTH, INFERNAL WAR, IPERYT, THE DEAD GOATS, SCEPTIC, DIES IRAE, CHRIST AGONY – these are just the first names that immediately came to my mind. I can assure you that there are many more of them!!!

A band on the scene at the moment who every Metalhead should know about is?

I can’t name only one, heheh! MORBID ANGEL, GOJIRA, NILE, IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL, SLAYER. This should be the minimum necessary for every Metalhead!!!!!

What is your greatest achievement so far as a band?

Without hesitation and with full responsibility, I can say that it’s our latest album "GODLESS" as well as the current line-up of the band. I just see it as our greatest achievement so far, this is exactly the kind of attitude that I have.

What are your aspirations for the future?

First of all, our aim is to promote „Godless” the best way we can. And of course to start touring in support of this album. We strive for the best progress, development, evolution of the band in terms of music and performance on stage. This is how we see the future.

What's happening in the band at the moment, what are you currently working on?

As I said earlier, currently, we are fully engaged in all the matters related to the new album and all the promotional stuff. We are also getting ready for the concerts, rehearsing a lot, and impatiently waiting for the official release of „Godless”!!!

What does metal mean to you?

The style and the culture of life that I have chosen quite a few years ago, heheh. I can not imagine my existence without it!!! It's too deep inside me, METAL is a part of me, and I am a part of METAL. I love it and I feel great about it.

Any last words?

Absolutely fucking huge thanks for the opportunity of sharing our news and thoughts in this interview and for helping us to promote DISLOYAL and the new release. Stay tuned and get ready for the premiere of our latest CD "Godless," which will be out on June 9th 2015 through GHASTLY MUSIC / AMPUTATED VEIN RECORDS and officialy distributed by CODE7/PLASTIC HEAD and MVD Entertainment Group. The pre-order will be available from 9th of May. All those who are interested please check the following pages for the news:

There you will find all the information about the band, the label and the pre-order of "Godless" and will also be able to get acquainted with our works and history. Thanks again for your support and hail to all metal maniax!!!!! KEEP THE METAL FAITH!!!!!


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