Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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It's hard to believe this is the same band who I first heard of on their 2011 demo such is the sheer growth evident in the quality of the music which has become more focused and serious. The guitars haav become tighter and the pace of the thrashing has been upped a notch or two. The vocalist has become more sure of himself and his abilities. On the demo they were although melodic in an almost nwobhm way were one of the weaknesses but here the vocalist has to be commended for his development. The whole band put in a great performance and one hell of a short but satisfying thrash metal frenzy latter and your left craving more. Back when I heard the demo I was impressed by the joy that could be felt by the band as they played thrash and the charm of a band not fully reaching there potential and as much as I loved that demo I know this is a ep that will get them the recognition they deserve and hopefully a record deal. Given that the band released this independently as a digital release first and later on cd it is commendable given the professional production and packaging. Expect a classic debut album soon.



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