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We sat down recently with Kaz vocalist of  the classic heavy/speed metal band Boltcrown to find out how the band who are set to take the metal world by storm were formed and to talk a bit about the scene here's what unfolded.

How long have the band been together?

We started playing together somewhere in the summer of 2013. But me and Criss, we know each other for a long time and before Boltcrown we've been playing in a band called Wild Whips. Greg had a few other projects in the past too, nothing that much serious though. Simon plays in another band called Armagh.

 How did the band meet?

Me and Criss, we've contacted with Greg through Facebook. Yeah, I know, this medium is absolutelly global now. Sign of the times, I guess... We've been rehearsing few other guitarists too and one of them recomended us a drummer, that'll be Simon. So we kept the drummer but carried on with just one guitar.

What's the origin of the name?

There is none! Sounds crazy but we just thought it sounds cool so it sticked. As I recall Greg was the one to come out with that name. We had no idea who or what Boltcrown was until we saw the cover that Mario Lopez made for our EP. The minute I saw that king on the throne, I told myself ''He is Boltcrown! That's him!''. And I can assure you that he's gonna pop up in some of our songs in the future. Maybe then we'll all know his backstory.

What were your influences staring out?

The main idea that me and Criss had was a speed metal act in Savage Grace/Agent Steel style. Greg is more into the new stuff than the rest of us. I'm talking here about bands like Tribulation or, from a bit of a different corner, In Solitude. Simon on the other hand is a death metal cultist. But we all share lots of common inspirations. I'm that kind of a guy, who seeks inspirations in every band he's listening to. There are so many bands that I worship, from both metal and classic rock area. To name a few I'd say Savatage, Manilla Road, Crimson Glory, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Kansas, Candlemass, Overkill, Cirith Ungol, Pagan Altar... the list goes on and on (laughs).

What inspires the music and lyrics?

Life itself (laughs). But seriously, you should ask Greg about that. He's the main mastermind behind the music. The riffs and melodies that I bring are highly Exciter/Overkill influenced. Fast but with a melodic touch. I'm responsible for all the lyrics and I just simply write about whatever the hell I want or feel at the moment. Lots of inspirations to the lyrical subjects comes from movies and books. ''Lust For Blood'' for example tells the story of Count Dracula... sort of. I've tried not to be so straight forward about it (laughs). ''Troops Of The Fallen'' on the other hand was inspired by the Book Of Revelations. But I'm trying not to rely just on stories that have already been told, I'm trying to add some of my own thoughts to it.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Recording our EP. It was a very long trip. Due to some difficulties we had to record some stuff in one place, then move on to mix it somewhere else, then re-record some of our parts... It felt like eternity. It took us a whole year to actually release ''Reign Of The Damned'' in a physical form. But I think that experience gave us some good lessons for the future.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Dave Mustaine was once asked the same question. His answer was ''Give up!'' (laughs). But to be fair I think we're far too unexperienced to give any major advice to anyone. All I can say to the new bands is ''Do what you feel is right'', you know? If you really love music and you feel that you got what it takes to do it right, that you are able to create something original than do it. Dont' give up, never say die.

What do you think about online music sharing?

Well, it definitly changed the whole music industry. Some say for better, some say for worse... It's much easier to reach out to a wider audience, that's for shure. On the other hand is much harder to actually earn on your band than it was in for example 70's. Back than having a band was actually like having a job. The internet changed so freakin' much that it's almost incomprehensible. I truely wonder where's it going to lead us in a few decades. But my major statement is pretty generic: there are as many good things about it as the bad ones.

What is the local scene like in your area?

Pretty strong actually. We are good friends with three really great bands from our district, Thunderwar, Morthus and Bestiality. Morthus and Thunderwar are both death metal acts, they really have a lot of potential. Bestiality is a sort of a mixture between Bathory, Nunslaughter, Destroyer 666 and Motorhead. Total blackened, evil stuff but also very 'rock'n'rollish' in my opinion. I recomend all three of them, check them out, these guys have some serious balls.

What about the Polsih Metal scene as a whole, is it in a healthy state?

Well, that depends on the way look at it. There are some good young bands poping up lately but there haven't been any major band during the last decade that would deserve to be called great, at least that's my opinion.

Who are your all time favourite Polish Metal bands?

KAT, Hammer, Dragon, Turbo, TSA, Vader, Behemoth.

A band on the scene at the moment who every Metalhead should know about is?

Boltcrown of course! (laughs)

What is your greatest achievement so far as a band?

Again – recording and releasing our EP ''Reign Of The Damned''. It took us a lot of time and we put a lot of effort into it. And it also gave us some good lessons and directions for the future.

What are your aspirations for the future?

''To boldly go where no man has gone before''... I don't know (laughs). It is too early for us to make such serious statements and plans. All I can say for sure is that we're going to carry this torch for a little while. We are Boltcrown and we're here to stay! least for now (laughs).

What's happening in the band at the moment, what are you currently working on?

We have singed a contract with a label called Nightbreaker Records recently. We are also promoting our EP on concerts and finishing tracks for our first full-length piece. I'd rather not go in too many details about it but I can asure that the album will be released this year.

What does metal mean to you?

Satan. Whoops! I mean... freedom.

Any last words?

''My last words? Haha! Who do you think you are? What right have you to judge over my destiny? Take your pompous words and stick 'em where the sun don't shine. I swear we meet again!'' - Running Wild, Calico Jack


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