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How long have the band been together?

Greetings to The Power of the Riff, thank you for space and support to Aggresion, it is a great honor for us. On 23th May of this year (2016) the band completed 13 years, all of us in the band were born exactly on the same day and so we chose this date to celebrate the misfortune, a coincidence cosmological and diabolical.

How did the band meet?

We are part of the same metal movement of our city, and we were always together, organizing concerts and participating in other bands, there was a gathering of people with the same purpose, something natural in a small town.

What's the origin and reason behind the band's name?

Nothing more than a tribute to the old cliches bands or song names, like Extreme Aggression, Horus/Aggressor, Decade of Aggression, without a purpose so fascinating and mysterious, just something simple and straight, like a kick in the face. A name influenced by Satanik Metal Punk banger bands.

What were your influences starting out?

We are Metalhead maniacs, first we are influenced by the essence and commitment that the band has with its words towards Heavy Metal, the sound is good and is a consequence of that, we serve the maximum of  the idea of "practice what you preach." Our direct influences are bands like Mystifier, Vulcano, Sarcofago, Alcoholic Death, Infernal, Mortem, Impurity e etc…

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

We are form a country town of Brazil, and we are far from all big centers and metropolis, the further away from the big cities, the harder it is, there is still a lot of religious resistence and conservative ideas where we live, little public, bad conditions, few people involved in the really extreme movement, but it is this resistance that keeps us going, we know we should do something for those who live here, we have to play here, organize shows here, so that every time the city grows more in this regard. Our vocalist and bassist live far from the rest of the band, he is an archaeologist and professor at a major university, however we continue fighting. I think the right answer is, our biggest challenge is to continue day after day, despite all difficulties.

Forja Infernal which was released back in 2012 and was the follow up to your 2008 demo Murmúrios Blasfêmicos is the bands debut Ep. The Ep is one of the few releases which gained my attention from the horde of underground releases due to sheer raw power of the music while maintaing a technical edge. Did it take long to rehearse the material before recording it?

The distance between us and our singer is the main reason why we don’t  have much material, despite spending a lot of time on the road. Forja Infernal was an evolution from the first demo, we tried to put aside the complicated riffs, and make the sound more harsher, even why the demo still had another guitarist and ep Forja Infernal has only one, and we did not want to let the sound to be flawed live, putting many work on a single guitar (despite also knowing that destruction, Motorhead or Coroner just make do with one live guitar). We try to open the sound, let more noisier, saturated and with the fastest drums possible, lyrical and ideological content have remained the same and I hope it continues forever, talk about Satan, Witchcraft, Black Magik, Smoke and Death.

As a band how do you write the music is it more of a jam/collective process or do you write as indivduals?

We all create together, as a brainstorm, often even at the time of recording, we were changing the music, live they change from one show to the other, depending mainly on the amount of smoke and alcohol, our Death Thrash is very influenced by experiences of Jimi Hendrix, Pablo Escobar, Dr. Albert Hoffman and Ilex Paraguayensis .

Did it take long to rehearse the material before recording it?
Yes, because of the distance, I believe that we are more than 2000 kilometers apart from each other, and as we had little money and time available in the studio, we have come to dominate what we do. For Forja Infernal, we wasted no time in composing solos, improvising all the time, we also had the participation of a great friend of ours, Rex Phallus from Totemtabu on vocals and he had never rehearsed with us before, he had to record with a first take, but the can become expensive sometimes.

What are your influences, what drives you to create the style of of metal that you do?
We are influenced by many worlds, stories, movies, and music. As our lyricist and singer is an archaeologist and we live in the region that has the biggest indigenous population of Brazil, we try to somehow talk about the dark side of indigenous religions and the stories of these people, we know how much they are demonized by the church and despised by our government, so in a way we want to give voice to this culture, especially to the path of left hand of these people. Musically we are nothing more than a tribute to bands we like, we try to keep the essence of the satanik riffs of Mercyful Fate, Vulcano, Mystifier in our sound, ultrasonic drums of Sarcofago and Sextrash, a mixture of all we venerate.

The Ep is one of the best debuts I have heard in a while from start to finish it doesn't let up in it's metal assault, how happy are you with the final result now thats it's finished and has been out for a while, would you change anyhting?

Thank you very much, I love this EP also was recorded in a good studio here in our city, we support the launch and distribution of CDs, 12 labels joined to disclose that material, to us in the band, it was a great achievement.

 If you were to change something, it would be in relation to tones and mixing, but this is the least, we all really like this album, we got a lot of things with it.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Unfortunately here in Brazil, having a band is a lot of hard work and often sad, people earn little money and work hard for it, there does not exist any incentive of any type of media, and you only get support to pay for it. To survive here, you have to kill yourself to work, and you can not have a band rehearsing once a month, you should know you have to sacrifice many things to play, especially playing extreme metal, the third world is really scary.

What do you think about online music sharing?
Support all the ways of dissemination, I think the online way is a great way to meet new bands, I do not see any problem with the distribution of online music or downloads, but that's just about my band, I do not see any problem with someone who downloads the album or anything so even because I know that there is no money in it and do not see it as a business work to get money, people do because they want to support and share, if other bands feel offended by someone sharing their mp3 and not getting your physical material, it's their problem. I think rather important to get the materials of the bands, it is an addiction, a parallel universe, however the online way shortens paths.

What is the local scene like in your area?

We often talk que scene is for actors, people acting on stage and after this, take off their makeup and masks and become other people, we reject this and one of the things that has most here, actors inside the rock and heavy metal, impostors go up on stage just to show their silky hair and their rehearsed gestures, rehearsed in Mom's bathroom mirror, without any compromising with real Metal movement, not help with organizing events, do not write zines and etc, just want to play some covers and get some easy money, fuck you all. We thank you very much for having  a few true warriors fighting for the Satanik metal movement, these people know who I mean, which include Alcoholic Death, Incinerator, Total Desastre, Katastrofe, Mario Caverna, João Pedro , Totemtabu, Escafandro, Profane Souls and a few other que I always forget ... These signed the name of the devil's book.

What about the Brazillion Metal scene as a whole, is it in a healthy state?

One of the strongest of world, Although the whole situation I have been quoting from the beginning, as a lack of support and great distances (Brazil is the size of a continent) We have some of the most fucking greatest bands in the world, Vulcano, Mystifier, Impurity ... Despite making a sound raw, sinister and geared totally for those who like the devilish side of life, these guys are traveling and spreading the Brazilian Metal in the world, here the bands do many exchanges, is what always keeps them going on shows in many places are doing very well there are many places for events, however, our new president is a Christian jerk reactionary who hates the Potheads, Hippies, Metalheads, Punks and has everything to make the situation worst as possible

Who are your all time favourite Brazillian Metal bands?

Sarcofago is the greatest band of all time, they created the root of all evil, following them diabolic Mystifier, Vulcano, Sextrash, Infernal, Chakal and old Sepultura.

A band on the scene at the moment who every Metalhead should know about is?

Alcoholic Death, the torment of swamps and Incinerador, the torment of the Amazonian forests.

What is your greatest achievement so far as a band?

Aggresion is the best thing I have in my life so far, so I built and ran through it, it is amazing to me, already we walked many haunted roads where we live, we got close to the Andes, play with our heroes, recorded some cool stuff, is equal to a previous answer, our greatest achievement is resistance
What are your aspirations for the future?

We were talking about it these days ago, we needto  make money to be able to go to Europe to play the maximum we can, with the new album in hand. Demonstrate the fury of Brazilian Infernal Metal Attack.

What's happening in the band at the moment, what are you currently working on?

We have new songs ready, ready to record,which  are ten times more hellish than the last, we want to release tchem on vinyl, a split with a destructive band, we will launch independently because we have not received any contact to possible support, we cannot die without recording these songs.

What does metal mean to you?

Metal is the power, is black magic, there's nothing more intense than it, it is war, war against this retrograde world full of false gods, fuck Muhammad and Alah, fuck Jehovah, Buddha or Jesus, Metal is the fuel of hell and the guillotine of the gods.

Any last words?

Again, thank you for the space, we are honored to be a part of this scheme, here I leave a greeting and a call to all who deny God and all followers of the left hand path ... Satanists, witches, werewolves, addicts, demons, ghosts, specters, alcoholics, murderers and all true headbangers! A morte está aqui!!


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