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L-R: Gomorrah Current Line Up | Jeff Bryan (Vocals) | Bowen Matheson (Guitars) Photo Credit - Sheldon Dent
       Kelowna, BC's leading death metal architects GOMORRAH announce they will be hosting a CD release show in Vancouver, BC on February 27th  @ 333 Clark with support from AngelMaker, Wormwitch, Atrous Leviathan and Vermin. Full event details can be found here.
GOMORRAH unleashed their new album 'The Haruspex' on Jan 15, 2016 via Test Your Metal Records to follow up their 2013 debut album 'Perception'. The album is now streaming in full and available digitally plus on CD along with a BastionXGomorrah collaboration long-sleeve T-shirt. To get your copy and listen to the brutality of 'The Haruspex', please visit the following link: 
Guitarist Bowen Matheson comments on the album:
"Jeff Bryan and I recorded the album at my home here in the Okanagan Valley, and we did the absolute majority of the writing in the pre-production and production stages. So much of the material had existed from several years ago, but was completely overhauled and reworked several times to end up in these tracks. We weren't afraid to try things out and work over several revisions, or to take our hands off of a few of the songs that we felt very comfortable with after only the first revision. Jeff wrote the lyrics for the tracks in less than two months, and a lot of them were written and finalized in the vocal tracking stage, in front of the microphone.
We weren't afraid to enable our music with production techniques. Many reviews have figured that we used samples or synthesizers in the songs, however the reality is that all of these droning noises, stutters, and otherwise 'industrial' sounds are actually either electric guitar or bass guitar, and abusing these instruments in front of their amplifiers with only two guitar effect pedals. The rest of these noises you hear are the interaction with the instrument and their environment.
We then delivered all of the tracks to Stuart McKillop of Rain City Recorders for mixing, and he blew us away. It didn't take him long at all to catch onto what we were going for, and his consistency from one track to the next brought the tracks to the highest musical apex they could reach. Brad Boatright of Audiosiege handled the mastering, and he made certain that the product was of the outstanding final production quality for us. Brad has really yielded an outstanding quality for so many other abrasive sub-genres of metal and hardcore and he delivered that exact pinnacle of quality for us on this record as well." - Bowen Matheson
Track Listing: The Haruspex
1. Imperial (1:55)
2. Nine Kings of Sulphur (3:17)
3. Carcosa (2:31)
4. Dismantling The Throne (2:59)
5. Sitra Achra (3:51)
6. Crowns of Flesh (3:50)
7. Cerulean (3:05)
8. Venom and Rapture (4:14)
9. Architects (1:33)
10. The Mark of Veritas (3:40)
Album Length: 30:59
GOMORRAH, originally formed in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia as a
black metal outfit in 2006, has now grown into an assaulting death
metal band - ready to unleash their boundary-pushing extreme sound
on their second full-length album. The forthcoming album 'The
Haruspex' is to be released on January 15, 2016 on
Canadian label Test Your Metal Records.
“We have stepped up the quality of everything: the pre production,
writing, structuring, lyrics, performances, mix and master have all
been improved. The combination of those improvements translates to
a major difference between our previous recordings, and the single
"A Disaster's Nightmare" - as well as our forthcoming
full-length 'The Haruspex'. Improvement, through effort and
time.” Comments guitarist Bowen Matheson.
Their name is associated with a historical reference to a city
mentioned in the Book of Genesis, the Qur'an and Hadith, the
Torah, and the New Testament. The bands music conveys a
claustrophobic animosity, through punishing guitar work, high-speed
drumming, and guttural vocals. The lyrics provide an accessible
gateway into the stories told in each song.
Gomorrah has shared the stage with Suffocation, Cryptopsy,
Archspire, Ancients, Striker, Origin, Beyond Creation, King Parrot,
Ninjaspy, KenMode, Bison BC, The Agonist, Fuck The Facts, The Order
of Chaos, Slumlord, and Fall City Fall.
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New EP 'Skeptic Knight' Due Out Feb 26th via Stand Productions
     Comprised of members from legendary Quebec bands Ghoulunatics, Les Ékorchés, Arseniq 33 and currently active Vantablack Warship, Montreal, QC based stoner thrash influenced metallers BUFFALO THEORY MTL return to the scene with their first single 'Punishment' from their fourth and latest offering 'Skeptic Knight' set for release via Stand Productions on February 26th, which is available for pre-order on iTunes here.
The EP is the follow up to 2014's 'Murder Trilogy' EP and their 2012 full length 'Heavy Ride' and was recorded at Indica Studio in Montreal, QC where it was produced by BUFFALO THEORY MTL along with Peter Edwards (Grimskunk). Featuring five annihilating tracks each with its own eclectic flavour / twist, all will appeal highly to fans of Down, COC, Queens of the Stone Age and Black Sabbath.
of Down, COC, Queens of the Stone Age and Black Sabbath. 
"Punishment – is the song that has that “Stoner Rock meets Thrash Metal” type of vibe. It will hit your brain as an out of control train and probably be stuck there for a while… it really looks like punishment!" comments bassist Gary Lyons.
To listen to the track, please visit the following link for the exclusive stream on Ondes Chocs 

(EP artwork by Darek Kocurek)
1. Conspiracy in Paranoland (3:45)
2. Punishment (3:09)
3. Get On It (2:59)
4. Skeptic Knight (3:20)
5. Psychic Enclosure (2:37)
EP Length: 15:52

Upcoming Dates:
March 18 - Montreal, QC @ Petit Cafe Campus - Event info (CD launch show w/ Warcall, Coup D'Pied Dans Face, The Naked High)