Sunday, December 20, 2015

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Sit back and prepare yourself to experiance Batushka!
One of the surprise debuts of the year and after hearing the full album I have to say that it's defintely one of the albums from this year that will be talked about in the underground for some time to come.


Tracklist: 1. Yekteníya 1
2. Yekteníya 2
3. Yekteníya 3
4. Yekteníya 4
5. Yekteníya 5
6. Yekteníya 6
7. Yekteníya 7
8. Yekteníya 8

Running time: 41:13

Band: Batushka
Album: Litourgiya
Country: Poland
Style: Black / Doom metal
Label: Witching Hour Prods
Line-up: Band members are unknown but they are from well known bands.

Release date: 04 December 2015


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