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The Return of Black Metal
Label: Distributor of Pain
Release Date: 28 September 2015
Genre: Black Metal Country: Bulgaria
Svishtov, Bulgaria: Lead by the unquenchable thirst for the black metal sound far beyond expression, Hrasate (drums, guitars, back vocals), Temeurt (guitars, back vocals) and S (vocals, bass) gave form to what is known tonight as MATUBES, and it is thus how in the course of the 8th Blood Moons Tetrad after Christ, 33 winters after Black Metal invaded this world, three blackened entities transformed into MATUBES. To join their path invited was session guitarist D, who later on became an integral part of MATUBES as the formation released "The Return Of Black Metal" containing the first three songs written and recorded for MATUBES

S - Vocals/Bass
Temeurt - Guitar/Back Vocals
D - Guitar
Hrasate - /Guitar/Back Vocals
1. War Song
2. Left Hand Path  
3. Drink the Poison Blood

Running Time: 11 minutes


The Return Of Black Metal cover art


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