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Safest Shelter
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 20 May 2015
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal | Country: Brazil
Safest Shelter cover art
Implexi was founded in São Bernardo do Campo industrial city of São Paulo/Brazil - named as "Prostrate Seer" first - back in the year 2000 by the childhood friends Alecssandro Siqueira (drums), Carlos Silva (bass) and Renato Tanaka (guitars), later joined by vocalist Edu Gomes.
Ever since the beginning the band has focused on its own elaborated compositions that would comprise the members influences from the most distinct Metal Subgenres - from Classic Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal and even Symphonic Black Metal. The lyrics deal with the band's points of view of the contemporary world, personal strife and the frailty of existence.

The name IMPLEXI means "entangled" to reflect it's "tangle" and "twist" of the several influences in an unique way.
In 2015, the band records 5 musics and releases independently their first EP, SAFEST SHELTER. Recorded and mixed by Implexi and masterized by Maor Appelbaum (Rob Halford, Sepultura), this concept EP shows the band's elaborated music and lyric's depth without losing the energy and heavyness of the style.

Edu Gomes - Vocal
Renato Tanaka - Guitars
Carlos Silva - Bass 
Alec Siqueira - Drums

1.Arrival in The Dark
2.Prostrate Seer
3.The Secrets of Darkness
5.The Shelter

Running Time: 27 minutes



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