Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Diavolos - You Lived Now Die

Worshipping at the throne of 80's proto black/death metal this is the first wave in all it's filth and frenzied riffage. It calls to mind the beginnings of so many great bands without sounding old or jaded but rather a welcome breath of fresh metallic air for the headbanger in all of us. So you get a healthy dose of Show No Mercy and Scream Bloody Gore but with the rawness of black metal pioneers like Bulldozer along with early Sodom and Destrustion throwen in for good measure just in case proceedings weren't evil and dark enough. This is an air guitar, headbanging fist waving in the air kind of album which gets the blood pumpin'. I have to say the artwork is a great take on Exciter's "Heavy Metal Manic" which adds a nice touch along with song titles such as Baptized in Vomit which is clearly a homage to Death's classic Baptized in Blood. The album closes with the song "Death Metal" which would do Possessed themselves proud. Diavolos have capatured the dark spirit of 80's metal within You Lived You Die's insane burst of riff vomit.

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