Monday, November 16, 2015

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There’s no rest for the wicked. While extreme metal reprobates
 Dendritic Arbor are out destroying venues in the US,
 they’re simultaneously announcing details of an upcoming EP, 
entitled Sentient Village, Obsolescent Garden.

The band have now developed far beyond their blackened roots 
and incorporate all manner of of noise, doom, tech-death and 
other extreme influences.

The tracklisting for the new EP follows:
1. Cotard Delusion
2. Failed Manifestations
3. Keratoconus
4. Latex

To give you a taster of this 20-minute intense ride through 
black metal, grind, noise and doom, Noisey are kindly 
premiering the song “Keratoconus”, which you can stream below.
 To quote their view, “The words summon chaos, as the
 Pittsburgh collective's thorny compositions reach out into 
every murky corner of extreme metal and sink their claws in deep.

Sentient Village, Obsolescent Garden will be 
self-released on December 20th.
Stream the track here:

Artwork is here:

Dendritic Arbor are:
Maxwell Beehner - guitars/vocals
Adam Henderson - guitars/vocals
Chris McCune - drums
Thomas Bittner - bass
Kyle Lambert - noise
Dendritic Arbor online:

Praise for Dendritic Arbor:
For our money, Dendritic Arbor’s Romantic Love is 
one of the year’s most original albums, the kind of 
mind-expanding, definition-defying album for which 
extreme music fans hope and pray.” - Metal Sucks

Dendritic Arbor's black metal/noise/grind fusion is 
like nothing you've ever heard before. The closest sonic equivalen
t I can parse is Knelt Rote, but I daresay Dendritic Arbor's more 
metallic approach slices even deeper.” - Noisey

If you pride yourself for your love of truly fucked-up metal records, 
the kind that reflect the depravity of both human nature and the
 world at large, you’re going to want to get your hands on
 Romantic Love.” - No Clean Singing

Albums like Romantic Love don’t come along nearly as 
often as they should, although perhaps it’s the infrequency of such 
gems that has allowed this album to become so instantly memorable.”
 - Black Metal And Brews


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