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Label: Self-Released
Release Date:  30 September 2015
Genre: Black Metal Country: Norway
1. …
2. My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
3. Akem Manah
4. With No Presence of God
5. God Did Not Create Us
6. Suicidal Seduction
7. Where Light Touches None
8. The Sign of The Goat

Running Time: 44 minutes

In the year 2007 the band starts. From that year the band have been making music and lyrics based on their dark sides. The words is performed both on Norwegian and English combined with the disharmonic sound.

In 2008 the band made their first demo: Byllepesten. With 6 tracks dedicated to the black plauge.
In 2011 they did a EP-CD (Re-released in 2013, with a new artwork). With songs like: Goatblessed, Forbannet Til Evig Jord, Foraktelse. 4 tracks with a more aggressive and speed up sound.
In 2012 and 2013 the band worked on their debut full-length album, and in desember 2013 Dauden entered Endarker Studio in Sweden to mix and master the album.
The album was released 30.09.15. Only on vinyl 12”.


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