Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Although Cianide haven't received the same legendary status or admiration as other doom/death bands their impact and influence cannot be denied as the underground legions of doom/death fans will confirm as mention of this classic album comes up during a conversation over a beer or two at the local. One of those albums which gets overshadowed and overlooked but none the less finds it's audience as those who scour the underground in search of a gem stumble across this sick infested slimepit of an album. A slow, crushing, dark and brutally painful experience as the agonisingly slow death metal casts it's shadow of doom upon mankind. Cianide give us the sound of death metal after you strip away all the speed and technicality and are left with the crushing brutality in all it's heaviness. However the best thing about this album is the songs which are well written and worm their way slowly but surely into your skull seeping it's poison into your bloodstream and corrupting your soul from the inside out as you fester and rot. An underrated gem if ever there was one.


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