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"Eternal Mystery - Rediscovered" is truly a "Heavy Metal Symphony" featuring Opera singers from the Serbian National Theatre of Novi Sad and a full string quartet that guide the listener through a musical journey, about the Secret of Life and Death. A highlight of the album is the live bonus track "Mordor" with which displays the full power of this now 11 musician outfit called ARMAGEDDON.
ARMAGEDDON's "Eternal Mystery" was originally recorded 25 years ago and this upgraded album entitled "Eternal Mystery - Rediscovered" is a special anniversary edition. ARMAGEDDON are considered to be one of the first Sympho Power/Prog Metal groups in the region of Europe. The original album was recorded in very poor conditions, on only 8 channels, by analog equipment. This new modern "Rediscovered" version of the album was rerecorded and remixed with additional recordings on 128 channels!
Now, after so many years this piece of Heavy Metal history will be released July 10th through Grom Records.


Eternal Mystery - Rediscovered Tracklisting:
1. Appearing
2. No Advice
3. Curse of Black Swan
4. Black Swan Rider
5. Magic Star
6. Sarabanda
7. Heavy Metal Symphony
8. No Advice  (Short Version)
9. Funeral March (Sarabanda 2015)
10. Heavy Metal Symphony (Short Version)
11. Mordor (Live)

A little about ARMAGEDDON:
ARMAGEDDON is a band from Novi Sad and are among the veterans of the local Heavy Metal scene in Serbia. The band was formed in 1987, and it is the creation of the solo artist Djordje Letich, who is also active in other bands on the scene, with the band Tornado being the most significant among them. ARMAGEDDON has existed for many years as a one-man band, while Djordje Letich, in the manner of true virtuoso, was combining elements of Heavy Metal sound with other similar and not so similar musical streams, examining the possibilities of complex styles and incorporating them together.
In its long history, until recently, ARMAGEDDON never set foot on the concert stage! Their performance at Exit 2012 was the exclusive live appearance of the band. Later, in December2012, the band held its "Doomsday Concert" which live recordings are the backbone for this new, currently issued album.
ARMAGEDDON members now consist of  – singers: Milos Krsmanovic – lead vocal, Vanda Marijanski – mecosopran, Marko Skendzic – tenor, Zeljko Andric – bass-bariton, Vladimir Zorijan– bass; musicians: DjordjeLetic – electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and narrator, Zoran Drazic – electric and acoustic guitars, NebojsaBjeletic – bass guitar, Milos Marceta – keyboards, Tara Kerac – drums, growl vocals.


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